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I want to ride my bicycle I want to ride my bike...

Posted Oct 22 2008 4:50pm
(Seriously. How great is Queen?).

I won a bike from the "Free Your Y" campaign over at Angie's Women's Diet and Fitness site (go check out her great blog!), and today it arrived! I am taking it to the bike shop tomorrow to get it all assembled and then I will become a biking fanatic and will ride my bike everywhere. I will become known as the Girl on the Yellow Bicycle (anyone else into the chick lit and has read Confessions of a Shopaholic? ...okay I'll stop with the obscure references)!

Provided that the bike fits me, of course. I'm hoping that it can be adjusted for miniature people a la myself.

Strangely enough, I was preparing myself a mug of white tea when the parcel came- the campaign is in part to promote Lipton white tea. Although I suppose that's not such an unusual coincidence considering the large quantity of white tea that I consume. On the other hand, it is 23 degrees outside, and what person in their right mind drinks hot tea when its this beautifully warm out? I really need to make me some iced white tea or something.

Speaking of which, I received, along with my pretty new bike, a number of coupons for Lipton iced white tea. However, after checking out the nutrition info on their site and seeing that the second ingredient is high fructose corn syrup and that the list goes on to include many acids and -ates (try saying "Hexametaphosphate" or 'Acesulfame" three times fast... does it sound like a sneeze to you, too?), I have opted to not use the said coupons. But I won't let them go to waste because I'm sure that a lesser food snob than I will appreciate them! But really, any time the word "tea" and "diet"- yes, there is a diet version of this iced tea- are put in the same title, that concerns me. When did tea stop being just tea and start being something that needs a bunch of other things in it to beef it up and make it all sugary and such? I quite like my tea as is, thank you very much.

Oops. My apologies for the rant.

At any rate, I am looking forward to enjoying my new bicycle, especially as it is the first new bike I've ever had! In the past I have always had my sisters hand-me-downs, which I always quite liked considering I always wanted to be exactly like her and have everything she had, but the prospect of having a brand new bike that's all my own is very exciting for me.

This concludes todays ramblings. Enjoy:) I hope you all have a fantastic weekend and just for kicks let's forget all our duties while we get on our bikes and ride!
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