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I want to be a teenage vampire...

Posted Nov 30 2008 12:21pm
Okay, I admit it, I've been sucked into the Twilight saga like every other teenager on the planet it seems (even though I am not a teenager myself!).

I bought the first book in the series at the beginning of October, based purely on the hype and because it seemed like this was the book to be reading. I didn't even read the back cover, just picked it up and bought it. I took it to Las Vegas with me and was shocked to find out it was a vampire book! I don't like fantasy books. I don't like vampires.

But for some reason, I was totally hooked on Twilight.

I've since bought and devoured the last three books in the series and with each one, found myself more and more obsessed with the story of Edward and Bella. Would they ever get together? Would he be able to control himself? Would he turn her into a vampire? Would they ever get married? Would they ever have sex? And what about Jacob!?

Anyhow, after reading the last book in only the past 2 days, I was totally excited to go see the Twilight movie this weekend. I dragged my friend with me and we were easily the oldest ones there (except for the parents who had brought their kids, tweens and teens!) It won't win any Oscars, that's for sure, but it was a cool movie. It was really interesting to see how the characters are protrayed in comparison to how I see them in my head. How come the boys at my highschool never looked that hot? :o)

So, with teenage love stories on the brain, I've got to go get dressed for running and head down to run club this morning. I just checked the weather and it's -1 degrees Celsius! Yikes! That's cold for here.

That's okay, thoughts of Edward will keep me warm! ha ha...
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