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I've Got The Power!

Posted Jun 29 2013 3:00pm
Oh man, you don't realize how much you count on electricity until you don't have any!
Our power went out for about 17 hours and I can not believe how behind that put me!
It went out just before midnight on Thursday night and didn't come on until late yesterday.We spent the day trying to save all the food.We kept hoping it would come back on, but finally gave up and moved everything to our warehouse.I now have a completely (and much needed) defrosted upright freezer waiting to be cleaned up.Haha!I already cleaned the big chest freezer, which is always fun.It's great to have so much food storage until something like this happens!No worries, we've got the power and I am now playing catch up!
I've got the house to myself this weekend and actually slept in just a little.I considered not running...I can not see myself wimping out on the streak when there are just 5 days left.How crappy would that be?I haven't loaded today's pics, but here's yesterday...  I'm not looking so happy here, am I?Fridays are supposed to be rest days, but I don't do that too often.I started the day swimming 11 laps (1 for every hour we'd been without power - Haha!)I ran my mile and yes, I am wearing the same clothes as the day before!Keep it classy!I decided that it made no sense to put clean clothes on a dirty body that I wasn't going to be able to clean until the power came back on.Made sense yesterday. Just sounds gross today! Haha!
To be fair, it wasn't the clothes I ran in the day before but the clothes I went shopping in.That makes it better, right?! Ha!
Anyway...Just 4 more days until my race 1 year RUNniversary!Last year I ran my first race ever on the 4th of July.You can read about that here .
This year I am running the Hungry Duck Run in Brighton. The mission of the Hungry Duck Run is to raise awareness and funding to fight hunger in Livingston County. I love running races that have a purpose.I am just doing the 5k.I've also got some tickets for the Duck Race Raffle - I hope I win! Haha!You get numbers and they are on rubber ducks that they send down the river that goes through town.Pretty cool, right?I don't ever win anything, so I will be happy to have donated to the fight against hunger.Hmmm...but I'd like to win. Shh...
Oh man, the laundry fairy hasn't shown up yet, so I guess I need to go ahead and get to folding.Have a great weekend!

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