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I take my calcium 4 hrs after Levothyroxine but 1 hour after the Levo I do have a little skim milk in cereal. Is that OK?

Posted by quiltingbelle

I have taken Levothyroxine for years and have always not eaten for 1 hour after taking it, nor taken my Calcium supplements until 4 hours later.  BUT 1 hour after taking it I usually have skimmed milk (6-8 oz.) with either cereal or toast.  I never thought about the calcium in the milk.  Should I not drink milk at all until 4 hours later?
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The amount of calcium in milk will not significantly affect absorption of medications - especially if you've allowed an hour or so to pass prior to ingesting.  The stomach will likely have passed the medication on to the small intestine by that time, thus no interaction could occur.

Daniel A.

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