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I Suffered Pain in My Joints Without any Known Reason

Posted Nov 14 2012 2:36pm

About five years ago one summer morning I woke up and felt as if my fingers were out of their alignment. Soon this sensation increased and started painfully reaching all joints of my body. I thought I had arthritis, rheumatoid arthritis, or some other disease I did not know what.

I saw my doctor, took x-rays, rheumatoid factor tests and many others. Nothing was found. I suffered pain in my joints without any known reason. I tried self-medication and herbal baths, honey, cabbage and hibiscus teas among other home remedies. Nothing helped.

I remembered when I was very young I read an article about terminally ill cancer patients who moved to Mexico to live on raw fruits and vegetables. After some time they all lived and their cancer disappeared. Then I made a decision to do just that if I ever get terminally or chronically ill.

I began to study raw food diets and changed my diet gradually to contain more and more fresh fruits and vegetables. First thing was to quit all processed foods, I immediately felt much better. After about 6 months I was eating 100 percent raw food. The pain in my joints disappeared, I felt totally clear in my head, I had felt as good in my body. The reason why I stopped totally a raw diet was weight loss. Being 5’6″, weighing only108 pounds I should not lose much weight. The joint pain stays away if I keep eating healthy, nutritious, and fresh foods like steamed and fresh vegetables, fresh fruits and nuts, berries, and a little bit of fish and chicken.

Tina Keller

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