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I ran into a friend I last saw a ...

Posted Nov 18 2008 12:02am

I ran into a friend I last saw about 10 years ago. We instantly recognized one another. But, it was apparent that he had aged a bit. Still great looking, but a bit more stooped and not quite the same tan and lean, tough look he had.

The first thing he said was “My God, you haven’t aged a bit. You are a bit more muscular and leaner than before.”

Of course, I have aged a bit but at a slower rate than my friend. The real difference was in our body composition, symmetry, and posture. I think if you get those right, you do not take on an aged look. His waist had thickened a bit, some of his muscle mass was gone, and his posture had taken an asymmetrical slump and list to the side. He had, in short, become less symmtrical and had lost the X-look. I had not.

I discuss symmetry and posture at length on the last disk of my DVD lecture series for those who want more details. Good posture creates symmetry, which is a clue to yourself and others of health and fitness. Add body composition, the ratio of fat to lean muscle, bone and organ mass and you have reliable clues, almost measures, of health. Even leaving aside the pride one may have in these, the scientific literature makes clear that a low ratio of body fat relative to lean tissue and a symmetrical body are among the most accurate predictors of health and longevity.

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