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I Quit!

Posted Nov 15 2012 9:13pm

Well the truth is out there. I quit CrossFit.

Why, you ask?  Well the answer is really multifaceted.  I understand that many people may have different experiences at their Box so I am just one person with one opinion.

  • It is a really all or nothing mentality: I find that CrossFit is really time consuming.  To really succeed it is a day in day out effort.  You should be at CrossFit most days working at form and strength.  They want you to follow their diet.  Paleo.  No grains, no dairy, no legumes. No fun. For someone with an obsessive personality, I know it is important to keep my schedule and regimen loose and comfortable to keep my anxiety down and to be happy.
  • I don’t necessarily agree with all their ideals: Being the best isn’t everything.  Being your best is important.  I also think while the concept of Paleo is great (whole foods) I don’t think all other diets are terrible.  I don’t think that hamburgers for breakfast are good for you and I don’t think that eating fruit makes you fat. (Legit comments I have heard).
  • I just want to run:  Every time I am working out at CrossFit I am wishing I was out pounding some pavement and logging miles than dead lifting weights that tear up my hands.
  • I work better with positive reinforcement: I am all for fun and jokes but after awhile it gets annoying to hear how much you suck at something.  It is also embarassing that everyone else has to do extra reps because you are struggling with it.
  • CrossFit makes me sore all the time: Not in a good muscle sore way. Injury sore.  My wrists hurt and hands hurt from falling on the hard floor to do burpees fast.  My neck hurts from over extending myself and over compensating for muscles I don’t have.
  • I don’t feel like I am exercising enough: A 3 minute for time WOD really can’t burn enough calories to keep my weight down (whether or not it does, I start to obsess about it and that isn’t good for anyone)
  • It is too expensive: For $200 a month you should really REALLY love something. (Like runder unders… :) ) But in all seriousness I am not a particularly frugal person but even I know spending that much money a month on something you don’t want to do anymore is ridiculous.


Now, I want to be clear.  I did not have a bad experience at CrossFit, it just wasn’t for me.  My friend who I joined loves it!  She is in 110% and it makes it even more apparent to me that it just isn’t my thing!  I still like CrossFit style workouts for cross training and still plan to do it on my own which I will share!


Question: Have you ever really wanted to like something but ended up just not being into it?

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