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I passed!! I’m officially official

Posted Jan 09 2013 10:25am

I cannot tell you how excited I have been for the past 18 hours. I didn’t mention anything about this on the blog before, because I’m crazy and think that I’ll jinx myself when it comes to stuff like this. But yesterday afternoon, I took the ACE personal trainer certification exam and PASSED! ace

I have been wanting to become a personal trainer for the last 7 years (at least). But I kept coming up with excuses to not take the test and it kept getting pushed aside. I had to graduate and get a degree in nutrition instead. I got married. I moved a couple states away from home. I had kids. I’m not ready to take it. etc. etc.

I studied on and off for the past 7 years, with a couple different certifying programs. I finally decided on ACE a couple years ago. The reasons for my choice were mainly based on money. I don’t even remember how it compares to the other programs, but it must cost somewhat less to take the exam.

After I submitted the test online at the testing center, I read immediately on the screen that I passed and I could not control the ginormous smile that was on my face. It felt so good to finally just take the test and know that all the waiting, studying and hard work finally paid off. It also made me want to kick myself for not doing it sooner.

Now the real test comes. I need to get a job! I have two little kids and more than anything else I’m going to be home for them. But the best part about a personal training job is that you can do it whenever you (and the client) want to. I can do it before my husband goes to work or after he comes home. I can even do it during nap time (but I’ll have to find a sitter).

Luckily I worked at a gym until I was a few months pregnant with my youngest (so about a year and a half ago). I plan on taking to my manager today and we’ll see what happens. Maybe they are looking for trainers right now. Maybe they aren’t. Either way, I’ll go with it. I also have an awesome friend who volunteered herself to be one of my first…client. I’m nervous. She’s nervous. It’s gonna be great!

This is one of my BECOME’s this year, become a personal trainer. Check that off my list! Next, become a marathoner. I’m training to run the Salt Lake City Marathon in April. Wish me luck!!

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