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I need a challenge

Posted Nov 10 2011 8:13am

Brrr! Today has been a cold one and I am not a fan at all. I’m promising myself that I won’t go around all winter complaining about the temperature—we’ll see how that goes. I think one complaint a month is fair… I’ll just have to conserve it for the right time. ;)

Life has been feeling very blah lately. Yes, I am excited to be running my first marathon in just a mere matter of days, but other than that things have been exceptionally boring. I need a challenge to perk me up until we fly home for Christmas. There are exactly 34 days left.

So, here goes:

1. Bringing back blogging. I miss writing more often in this space. Now that I’m not journaling my daily eats, I’m not always sure what to talk about. I will blog at least five times each week for the next four weeks. I mean, I’m paying for the domain, so I should use it!

2. Morning pages. There are a lot of thoughts floating around my head. Some crazy. Some sane. Some good. Some bad. I’m dedicating myself to writing at least a page in my paper journal every single morning. No skipping because I don’t know what to write about. I’ll fill up one page with whatever thoughts I have. These pages really keep me grounded and remind me to breathe and not fret.

3. Try to keep sweets at one a day. The holidays are VERY CLOSE (so weird.. feels like we just flew home for Christmas a few weeks ago, but it’s already been almost a full year!) and that means sweets galore at my fingertips. Enjoying the fun stuff that I don’t eat at other times of year is definitely a priority for me. I’m going to try to remember to skip over the junk I can buy at the supermarket anytime. Pumpkin pie? I’m there! Store-bought cookies? Those can wait. And unless it’s a really special occasion I’m aiming to keep sweets to only one a day.

4. Evaluate my hunger levels before eating. I’m currently reading “Women, Food, and God” and plan to re-read “Intuitive Eating” afterward. Returning to the intuitive eating principles is very important to me right now. My weight is healthy. My body is healthy. I want my relationship with food to be healthy and happy, too. Plus, food tastes better when you’re actually hungry. I’ll stop and consider whether I am hungry and how hungry I actually am before eating.

5. Re-introduce variety into my exercise. Since beginning marathon training in July, exercise has been all about running, running, running. That’s not a bad thing—I love running! But I would like to feel strong again. Strength training and yoga are making a comeback after November 20. Yoga at least once a week and weight lifting at least twice.

These five goals are going to be my focus for the next 34 days. Hopefully I’ll keep them up after that time, too. I’m actually excited to jump into these challenges because I know some of them won’t be easy (um, not inhaling a plate of cookies?), but they will be rewarding if I see them through!

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