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I may have forgot to mention...

Posted Oct 03 2013 9:31pm
I feel a bit sheepish writing this post because it's about something that I've hardly even mentioned. Something I committed to but didn't really talk much about just in case something prevented me from doing it in the end. Are you ready?

I'm running my second ultra marathon this weekend. Yikes!

Okay so I'm being dramatic, you've probably heard me mention Baker Lake on either Twitter or in previous blog posts but I haven't really dedicated much blog time to it. It's not that I haven't wanted to, it's just that I've been so preoccupied with my training for Surrey Marathon and I had a small medical issue during the summer that kind of threatened the idea of taking on anything beyond Surrey.

However, Surrey is now behind me and I've got the all-clear to carry on so I can't hide it any longer - I'm running the Baker Lake 50k on Saturday! Again, yikes!

I committed to Baker Lake back in the summer when it became clear that pretty much all of my trail running friends were going to be there. Solana did Baker last year and always told me how it would be a great first trail ultra and bugged me to register too. One by one, everyone jumped onto the Baker Lake bandwagon and so later in the summer when I felt confident enough I'd be okay to run it too, I signed up. It was kind of one of those "fear of missing out" things...

In fact, you may have seen Solana's post today about those of us doing Baker Lake and how over the past few months we jokingly started referring to ourselves as Team FOMO. Yup, there was a bit of friendly peer pressure amongst us, so Team FOMO is actually a pretty accurate team name.

So anyhow, why in the world would I think running a 50k trail ultra the weekend after Surrey Marathon would be a good idea you ask? Well, I don't really have an answer for that. I can't exactly say that I thought it would be a "good" idea, just an idea and I went with it. In all honesty, this weekend is just as much about a weekend away for me as it is about the race.

Now there is that whole notion that in just two days I'll be dragging my butt through 50km of beautiful trails just outside of Concrete, WA. My strategy for this race is simple: finish. And that's the beauty of what I think can be said for trail running - it's not always about how fast you go. It's okay to walk those pesky uphills and so walk them I will. This whole thing might just end up being more like a 50km hike for me!

So now it is Thursday evening and I'm hastily packing my gear and snacks and drop bags etc. I'm excited but I'm nervous. I'm looking forward to it but I'm kinda scared of it. I feel (sort of) ready but not quite as ready as I'd want to be in a perfect world. I'm pretty sure Baker Lake will teach me a few things.

Oh yeah and did I mention I'm still recovering from Surrey Marathon? Geesh. I think I just invented a new thing: taper-covery!
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