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I'm On A Boat

Posted Aug 06 2011 12:00am
The furbabies weren't having it this morning.  There was no way they were going to let us sleep in.  Bailey makes weird half whines/yawns in order to get your attention.  Trigger just moves throughout the bed and plops on your face until you get up.  Not that much different than kids?  Haha.


Protein french toast, egg+egg white scramble, and sausage.  I made the protein French toast after seeing Maria do it a few days ago.  My recipe differed a little
1 cup milk
1 egg+egg white
1 tsp cinnamon
1 tsp vanilla
1 scoop vanilla protein powder

I used whole wheat bread for the toast.  Both the hubs and I approve!


We had to kind of rush a work-out today because we were due to meet friends at lunch time.  I only got 5 exercises in
Single Leg Split Squats 3x10 (each leg)
Single Leg Dead-Lifts 3x10 (each leg)
Hip Adductor 3x10
Hip Abductor 3x10
Seated Calf Raise 3x10

Followed by 30 minutes of intervals on the elliptical.

We literally had a half-hour at home to quickly rinse off and pack some healthy snacks before heading out to meet our friends for a day of boating.  In the cooler went water, Gatorade, strawberries, carrots, and grapes.  We grabbed Subway sandwiches (turkey on wheat for me!) on our way out to the water.

It ended up being Chris and I and then a couple of Chris' buddies from work and their wives.  One of the couples has a speed boat so Belton Lake was our destination.

We spent the rest of the day relaxing in the water and having a great time.  Later in the afternoon the rest of the group practiced their tubing and wakeboarding skills.  I wish I had more pictures but I was terrified to break out the camera for fear of water damage.  I will say it was hard NOT getting to play with the toys but there is always next summer :)

After 5+ hours out on the water in 100+ heat we were all EXHAUSTED.  Chris and I grabbed a pizza on the way home because it was already almost 7PM.  Now I am bathed, fed, and ready for bed :)  Haha that rhymed...

Hope everyone is having an awesome, fun, and relaxing weekend :)
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