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I'm Officially In Holiday Mode & Tips For Clean Drinking

Posted Nov 12 2012 7:26pm
Good evening Beautiful,

Well, I’m officially in holiday mode. Seriously. I 100% always wait until after Remembrance Day to get into holiday mode, and since Remembrance Day was yesterday, I decided what better way to get into holiday mode than to put up my Christmas tree!! AHH!! I did it and I’m SO EXCITED! I love our tree. It’s tall and skinny (fit for a condo) and the colour scheme is red, gold and lime green. I know – weird to add in the lime green right? But it totally works. Check it out… this was the first ornament to be placed on the tree…

And then this is the finished product with some sneak peaks at some of the different ornaments we have on the tree!

That being said, I had to move the side table beside my side of the couch to the other side of the couch, so I have no table. Which means I have a side lamp that needs a home and some school books that also need a home close to my side of the couch. Perhaps I will put my books under the tree J. As you know Monday’s are my favourite day of the week because they fly by and today was no different. I attended a health fair at Toronto Rehab for part of the morning and part of the afternoon. I met some really cool people there! That’s part of the reason I love going to health fairs, there are so many cool people out there – it’s awesome to connect to so much new energy! However, I do have to admit something…………… I haven’t worked out since Thursday. That’s so unlike me!!!! Ahh... I’m so ashamed! I know “not having time” isn’t an excuse but I seriously didn’t have time. I have a lot on my plate right now and for the past 4 days exercise hasn’t been a priority. But I can’t dwell on the past. It is what it is and I can only move on, which means working out and kicking my ass at the gym tomorrow. Due to the Frosty Fitness Challenge, I need to incorporate some running into my workout, so I’m going to plan on hitting the weights for the first 30-40 minutes of my workout and running inside for the remaining 20-30 minutes. I’m sure Jenny will be working out with me (well, I hope she does!) and I know she hates running on the treadmill. She can bounce early if she wants. Or hit the stepmill… I know she enjoys that more. I’ve also maybe not been eating as well as I could be… I’ll tell you what I ate today. For breakfast I had potato leek soup that I made last night and a swig of tomato juice, and coffee. Then I was at the health fair and ate 7 peanut M&Ms because we had no food, no drinks and my stomach was grumbling! And then I got home and I was soooo hungry, I decided to eat some raw garlic kale chips I bought and… get ready for it…. Mini-quiche. Yep.. an appetizer that came from a box full of processed stuff that’s bad for you and I devoured like 8 of them. They were definitely tasty, but I guess in hindsight I should have just made something besides that. Again – it’s in the past and I can only make up for it moving forward. The reason my blog is named My (Mostly) Healthy Life is because sometimes I make not the most healthy decisions just like anyone else, but I’m totally open to you about it and want to share because I’m not perfect, nobody is. As you know I celebrated my birthday on the weekend and consumed a fairly good amount of vodka. Drinking and going out is popular for people in and around my age, especially when living in a city like Toronto when there is TONS of places to go out and have a great time! The difference for me however is that 90% of the time, I drink “clean”… if that’s possible. So if we're going to "party hardy" then we best be smart about it, right? When I say “drink clean” I talk about drinks that have little to no sugar and include glasses of water while drinking. If you’re curious, my drink of choice is vodka soda with a lime wedge in it. If I’m going somewhere and don’t feel like lugging a bottle of soda water with me, I will drink plain old vodka and water. I used to drink rum and diet coke until I realized that rum is incredibly sugary and it was sending my blood sugars through the roof causing me to be really mean to people by accident, not to mention all the artificial sweetener I was consuming. A friend of mine introduced me to vodka soda and I hated it at first. I kept drinking it however (I guess I’ll continue to try anything when I’ve had a few beverages) and found the next morning I had little to no hangover! It was a miracle! I knew then that vodka soda was my drink of choice.For all my fellow paleo followers, the paleo king himself Robb Wolf recommends what’s called a Nor Cal Margarita as his clean drink of choice. He uses 4 oz of white (agave) tequila, the juice of 1 entire lime, club soda and ice. The reason he chooses tequila is because it’s fermented agave juice, which means it’s starch and gluten free, the insulin release is blunted by the lime which helps maintain insulin sensitivity, you get an alkaline kidney load from limes and the CO2 bubbles in the club soda helps ethanol enter the blood stream more quickly so you can drink less for the same effects. The reason vodka is considered clean (this would be the non-flavoured kind that I know are very popular right now) is because the good stuff is actually distilled from grapes or potatoes – both are clean! You have to make sure you read your labels though because some of the cheaper vodka’s are no longer distilled from potatoes. This is a good vodka distilled from potatoes…
Obviously the less alcohol you consume the better, but for those weekends you just want to let loose, try and drink as “clean” as possible! Also, if you pop a couple (2) of magnesium supplements after a night out but before you go to bed, that will help curb a hangover as well. Just sayin J.Anyways – enough about the “mostly” part – lets get back to business! How is everyone doing in the Frosty Fitness Challenge ? Are you getting those km’s in? Don’t forget to tag both Michelle and I in your posts when you show us your #proof! There is 1 day left on my David’s Tea giveaway and so far it’s going so well!! The prize up for grabs is a 50g bad of the new holiday tea “Vanilla Orchid”. It’s a Rooibos tea ( click here to see my post on tea!) and it’s so pretty and only around for a limited time so make sure to enter to get your free bag!!Stay sweet.
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