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I'm Not Staying Here...Well, Not For Too Long Anyway

Posted Nov 16 2010 4:42pm
Every so often, I wake up and it's just one of those low days. Those low energy, no motivation, wanna stay in bed and in my pajamas all day days. 
These are the days when I also discover and find; because I'm at rest.

I had no blog post for today and almost wrote nothing. I made a deal with myself and David that I wouldn't write just to have something to post. I would only write if it came from who I really am and what my life is all about.

Well, here I am today on Tuesday, November 16, 2010 - having my day interrupted by "low".  But, I'm not staying here for too long. I never do. This is actually my sustainable living alarm for early stress relief. 

It's time to lay low, chill, not think and just be...ah, just be. Takes me a little while to realize it, but it's become my go to for these low days. Maybe it's been a hard couple of days, week(s), or even month(s). 
I believe it's my body responding to God saying, "Alright girl! That's all you can take before you shut down. I'm giving you early warning to just be...and be with me." Pray, cry, nap or whatever need be.  Time to gently replenish. I just love that. 

So, today will be full of "nothingness moments". Amen to that! I might read a magazine, book, watch a movie - and I may not complete them. Maybe a sentence or two, a paragraph, maybe just 30 minutes of the movie - :D That is so freeing when daily schedules control my time. 
Are you needing to embrace a "low" day? Need a use as little energy as possible and "just be" day?What will it be like and what will you discover?

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