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I'm Back

Posted Dec 16 2012 9:03pm
So, yeah- after thirty days straight of blogging, I once again needed a break. But now, I am back.

So, I must start with my sincere condolences to the families from Sandy Hook Elementary in CT. I can't even imagine their hurt. My thoughts and prayers are with them. It definitely also hit home that one of the adults that was killed was the school psychologist. I am not shocked to hear this news because I could also see that I would be a first responder in a crisis situation. Makes you think though.

To recap the past few weeks. I PASSED my dissertation proposal! That was one of the most anxiety producing hour and fifteen minutes. I have lots of work to do.

My mission this school year was to vary my outfits, specifically my dresses considering I so nicely organized them. So, to date, I have not worn pants to school. And, yes, I do have photo documentation to prove it :) And case you were wondering, I have not repeated a dress thus far.

On a lighter note... the other day I was walking through the second floor of an office building in route to my car and a man walked up to me and says "can I help you?" I respond, "no, I am just leaving" and he replies "oh, I thought you looked like a client." I then made my way to the car and drove away. But..still to this day I ponder....exactly what kind of "client" did he think I was?

Finally, lastly- I purchased my hot yoga yearly membership. Since last Wednesday when I bought it- I have gone 6 times. Pretty impressive. I think I am addicted.

Just a recap of the whole hot yoga process. You are in a room that is at about 105 degrees with 40% humidity. You go through each of the 26 poses two times in a session typically lasting an hour and a half.

Each pose has its own health benefit. I have decided to highlight each of the 26 over the next few weeks.

First there is Pranayama which means "extension of the breath." It is a standing deep breathing pose. It has been seen to have the following health benefits:
  • treating stress related disorders
  • improving autonomic functions
  • relieving symptoms of asthma
  • reducing signs of oxidative stress
  • helps prevent respiratory problems such as bronchitis, emphysema and shortness of breath
Here is how it is done:

Stay tuned. More blogging. Less Rambling. 

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