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I'm A Magician "Morgan The Magnificent"

Posted Aug 22 2009 12:00am

I only do groceries every other week, with very few stops at the store in between.  It’s always super tough getting to the end.  At our house, a few days before groceries it usually means buying our lunch, muffins for breakfast, ordering pizza, anything that will tide us over until “grocery day”.  Grocery day is either a day I have off, or a day I’m off at 5, which are really not that often.

Here’s my fridge tonight:

Here’s the ingredients I could manage to find for tomorrow’s lunch and breakfast:

For breakfast I prepared a smoothie with orange juice, protein powder, flax oil, a banana, frozen berries and a last minute addition of soy milk.  It’s ready to go for me in the morning, I just blend it up and drink, and then leave Brad the rest of it.  I’ll also have some oatmeal for breakfast since it’s literally the ONLY breakfast food left in the house (no waffles, no bread, no cereal, no bagels, no english muffins, no yogurt).  I’ll probably add  some granola, almond butter, and jam to to spice it up a little.

My lunch will consist of a faux chicken burger with mayo on a hamburger bun, 1/2 a green pepper, hummus, and a larabar.  Not bad if I do say so myself.  Magnificent even!

Then I prepared my clothes to take to work so I can go to the gym afterwards.  I’ve been going for runs (3 to be exact) instead of the gym.  My arms need to pump some iron.

I worked until 10pm tonight and have to be back in at 8am tomorrow but now I’m all ready to go.  I am trying my hardest lately to get things ready the night before.  It feels so much better in the morning when you are prepared.  It also gives you no excuse to waver from proper eating and your workout.

Here’s everything I did tonight to get ready for tomorrow:

•  showered and washed my hair

•  made a smoothie

•  cooked a faux chicken burger

•  packed lunch

•  laid out workout clothes

•  had a cup of Tazo calm chamomile tea

What ways do you get yourself ready for the next day, please comment below. Or if you leave the house late with wet hair and grab a cheese croissant with your coffee, give the planning thing a try on sunday night, let me know what you’re planning.

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