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I love steak...and K-way jackets

Posted Apr 01 2012 8:48pm
My life is the perfect example of food trends. I've pretty much done them all.

I was a vegetarian for years, then I was a vegan, I'd like to tell you it was for political reasons (it wasn't) I think it was just trendy at the time. For me, it was really like being a carbatarian. Lots of carbs, some veg and no protein. Not so healthy. Then I was a raw food eater for 2.5 years, which was great, but not long term for someone who works out quite a bit. At the end of that period I felt like I might want to wrestle a cow to the ground and just eat right then. I was in serious protein deficit.

Imagine my surprise when after going back to school for Holistic Nutrition I was told that the best diet is

Yes I needed a 2 year program to basically tell me I should eat like my great great grandmother did.

I've done the cabbage soup diet, I've done the grapefruit diet, I've had friends who even done an all apple diet.... crazy.
Well that's like me telling you the best way to have sex... I can't because frankly it's individual and personal.

How did you find out what works for you in other places in your life?

You tried things and see if they agreed with you.

Food is the same.

The best bet is to go on a Non-Inflammatory diet for 30 days and see how you feel. 

Then reintroduce a few possible 'yucky' foods and see how you and your body react. 

It's that simple. They will either be neutral or you'll feel better or worse.

1. I don't believe in vegan. - I know i'll get flack for this - I'm okay with that because frankly I did it. So I know about what I speak. If you are vegetarian or vegan you really need to know what you're doing. And you must take some supplements. Bottom line we need certain things to live that only come from animal products so you might choose to eat this way but it is not natural. Children should definitely not be vegans. 

2. Spend more money on clean, real food and eat less of it.

3. Listen to your body after you eat. 

On a total aside from food I went shopping this weekend with my sister and re-found K-Way jackets.  K-way Jackets

I love them. Seriously retro love for these simple, practical and stylish waterproof jackets. 

Gotta love spring oh and my new favourite show House of Lies. Terrible people, awful business, awesome show. 

In health,


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