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I love Running!

Posted Jun 04 2010 8:48am
I LIKE running I love the whole concept of being committed and challenging myself in this solo endurance sport. I like seeing what else MY body can do, what else my mind can do. I went from not being able to run 3 minutes straight to running 45-60 minutes only stopping to jog my way through my routes. I even went to get my feet measured and fitted for my new shoes that come in on Saturday! I’ve never been this excited for new shoes!

I have loved every minute of my marathon training these last two weeks. I went online – I use – and plugged in several routes around my neighborhood, calculated mileage and approximate time and went out the door. I’ve been running about 6 miles 2-3 times a week for the past two weeks and I’ve felt so good about it.

Running is a solo sport- it’s just you, your ipod and the road. I feel liberated and completely disconnected from everyone and everything and then when I finally walk into my home door I feel recharged and so full of power – I feel like a better person! I feel like I can do anything, help anyone, be there for anyone, I even feel smarter and full of energy! It’s an addicting feeling- I think its those feelings that keep me coming back for more.

I read an article about how Running helps you build character. It sure does! The article talked about 5 major Benefits of Running- which I am totally seeing in my experience with this journey.

• Endurance

o I have been completely surprised with the changes in my body. And I am not talking about weight loss or inches- those have all been great! But- I am talking about going from being out of breath with 2 minutes of jogging to being able to jog\run for 75 minutes straight! No stopping! I guess it’s kind of like giving birth –“ how did that come out of that?” you’d be amazed with what you’re body can do if you put it to the test! It does wonders! All it takes is a little bit of time…

• Patience

o It shows you how to be patient; you don’t transform into a runner overnight. Heck I don’t think I am a full runner myself- but it takes time and lots of patience. Patience to build your endurance is key when running. Being patient with this journey has taught me to be patient in all aspects of my life. Patience is key and results will come.

• Competitiveness

o Running against myself has kept my competitiveness on edge! I always aim for more, always aim for a better time, better speed etc… It keeps my hunger for success in running and in life well and alive! Always aim for more- for better for the best! Because we all deserve the best so go for it- compete and get it!

• Ambition

o Being ambitious is a must have when you are trying to be successful! I’ve always considered myself a pretty ambitious person- except when it came to my health and my weight. Now, I find that running 6 miles isn’t enough, or doing just one a year 1\2 marathon is the stepping stone to my historical resume of marathons that I plan on building. Ambition feeds my success in running and in anything else I set my mind to. Settling for what you can do is ok, but going for what you think you cant do, is the best. 

• Self Confidence

o I feel better, I look better, (I know I am being very modest! :)) and I can honestly say I am a better person since I embarked on this journey. But the truth is that the most important benefit of what I’ve been doing is the mental self confidence that I am getting from “graduating” myself to an additional mile on my route or a heavier weight on my dumbbells or additional repetitions or longer sprints or larger calorie burns in one hour. As I achieve these goals my mental confidence flourishes- simply put, I was afraid to go outside and run outside because I didn’t want cars and pedestrians to “look at me” while I struggled to catch my breath-Now, I cant wait to go outside!

Being Healthy and Fit is going to be a lifelong commitment to myself and my family. I am lucky that my fiancé loves to work out too and is committed with me to live a happy healthy (Sexy!) lifestyle with me. Of course, we might indulge in out favorite dessert or some fast foods once in awhile but for the most part we will stay healthy, lean and live active lifestyles and that’s the main goal. Some how I will manage to maintain my lifestyle even when the little ones arrive in our lives.
When there is a will there is a way!

Now off to shred the next 26 lbs left to achieve my goal :)

Happy Running!
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