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I *LOVE* my 'weird' food!

Posted Sep 22 2012 5:13pm
There, I said it!
I eat what I eat because I love it! It isn't some kind of dare or form of punishment! HaHa!
In my world, my food is 'normal'. Sometimes it may even be out of the box for me, but I like it like that!

I don't eat fast food, I don't even eat pizza (ok, I can't eat pizza). The list of foods I can't eat is way longer than the list of foods I don't eat. I have food allergies. I also have sensitivities and intolerances to many foods.
Trust me, I didn't make a special request to be high maintenance in the food department! It is not always easy, it isn't all that cheap and to be honest with you, I take quite a bit of crap because of it.

I think it is strange that I have to justify what I eat, but I would never imagine asking someone why they would put a Biggie or Super-Sized anything into their body. We all make our food choices and I for one am happy with my WEIRD FOOD!

I spent an entire day taking pics of what I ate. Weird? No, not really! There are entire websites dedicated to food porn and it only involves pics of food!

Post-Run Breakfast was a Protein Pancake
 It looks so good in this picture that I hate to show you the flip!

The flip flop...
So sad! And no, it isn't really burned!

Good thing that taste is more important, cause this thing would NOT win any beauty contest!

The night before, I had oven roasted my first ever kabocha squash - OMG!
For lunch, I had it with some egg whites and spinach...

So, so so good!

Snack time was even better!
Semi-Homemade (Clean!) and homemade crisps from flat bread! To die for! I usually go sweet for my afternoon snack, but this may have changed my mind forever!
So, the squash was so good at lunch, I had to have the rest for dinner! Heated it up with a veggie sausage patty - De-Freakin'-Licious! (Another ugly meal but SO tasty!)

Ok, and to top off the day of good eats, some homemade "ice cream"! I can't have dairy, so this is made with unsweetened flax milk, protein powder, SweetLeaf and vanilla. The chocolate 'dots' are Hershey's Special Dark Cocoa powder, Sweet Leaf and a bit of flax milk. Pop them in the freezer and YUM! The ice cream mix gets frozen in cubes and added to the Ninja for this yummy goodness!

So, weird or not...
It was all so good!

So let's make a deal...
You don't have to explain why you eat what you eat, and you won't tell me my food is gross or nasty or whatever else...
HA! Glad we could make that deal!

Have a great weekend!!
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