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I Love Croutons

Posted Sep 11 2013 1:53pm

Never forget.



Yesterday’s Workout

  • 12 minutes treadmill – slow walking
  • stretches from physical therapy – hip and glutes
  • walking lunges, tube walking side to side, bridges, and squats
  • Row Circuit Class (pm)

I was still really sore yesterday, but after laying around all day Monday, I knew I had to get my body up and moving!

I went to the gym in the morning and just went through all the exercises that I normally do at physical therapy. My physical therapy appointments are pretty much done. I am about 75% better and will just continue to do my home exercises unless I get worse.

All of the exercises I did at PT, I can easily do at home or at the gym except for the Graston technique.  Instead, I foam roll or use my massage stick. I am going to try to ease back into running and hopefully my hip and glute will continue to heal.

I debated going to the Row Circuit class last night because I was still sore from the BodyPump training, but I figured I’d just go and take it easy if I needed to. I ended up doing fine.

In class, we switch off between rowing and doing an exercise. For example, I would row for two minutes and then do one of the following exercises for two minutes:

  • jump squats on a bench
  • planks/side planks
  • chest press

Then, I would go back to rowing until each exercises was complete.

I am still sore today, but it’s slowly getting better :)

When I was at Body Pump Training  over the weekend, Danny took the kids to the grand opening at the gym.


Over the weekend, the gym signed up over 500 new members! Isn’t that crazy?! It’s weird going from a tiny gym where you recognized almost every face to a huge mainstream gym with so many members.


This morning, Jaden had a doctor appointment.


Jaden just lost that tooth. He wrote a letter to the tooth fairy asking if he could have an iPad in exchange for his tooth. Seriously?! The tooth fairy doesn’t have that kind of money.

After his appointment, I dropped him off at school, and then stopped at the store.

Even though it’s considered an “unhealthy” salad topping, I love croutons on my salad. I love them. I could probably eat a whole bag of croutons by themselves. I am usually pretty healthy about my other salad toppings so I don’t see a problem adding a few croutons.

At the store, I picked up these croutons to try out:


Organic and 100% whole grain. Now I feel a little better about adding croutons to my salad. Then I go to Dairy Queen and eat a blizzard. My life makes no sense.

I remember awhile ago, Danny and I would watch the Biggest Loser on tv while eating ice cream and chips. <—-Random.

I also picked up some pumpkin spice coffee creamer a few days ago. Now we just need fall weather here in Chicagoland! It’s been over 90 degrees that past few days!


Have a great afternoon!

  • Do you belong to a big gym?
  • What’s your favorite “unhealthy” salad topping?
  • Favorite ice cream?


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