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I just wanted to ask a question regard diabetes mellitus diagnosis

Posted by mom22be98

I scheduled an appointment with my doctor regarding symptoms of the possibility of having diabetes.  I was concerned so I asked him to do blood work.  He sent the bloodwork off to the lab and called me for a follow up appointment.  I went in he said nothing was wrong.  This was back in March it is now of course June and I just looked at my heath provider site under personal health records and it says there that I was diagnosed with Diabetes Melitus Mentioned of Complication Type....and that's all it says.  This was sent in by the lab that tested my blood.  I don't know what to think now.  I don't know if I have diabetes and he didn't mention it to me or if I don't have it.  I called him to find out but still no response.  Please get back to me someone with some information on what you think might be going on I would greatly appreciate it.  Thanks again Angela. K. Lakatos.

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