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I just had a physical exam and…

Posted Nov 24 2010 11:58am

…before I left, the doc asked if I wanted a flu shot. I told him I probably should but passed because I just want to keep my immune balancing supplement regimen going by itself and and see how that continues to work. “What’s that?” he asked. I told him about EpiCor and how I’ve avoid getting hammered by

Happy Thanksgiving, Doc.

the winter crud over the past 3 years I’ve been taking it. Told him that just getting an extra half day of sleep when I feel something coming on has been all I’ve done to avoid the full onslaught.

I also told him that my allergy symptoms have diminished big time as well. He was interested in listening to my first-hand account. But he didn’t really say anything in response. Just smiled and said see ya next time.  And speaking of allergies, a new health item on the Huffington Post talks about little known side effects from OTC allergy antihistamines. I can see needing some relief once in a while when your eyes and nose are gushing like Niagra Falls. But long-term intake of such medications, wow, I don’t know what to think now.

Just a note to be sure: EpiCor makes no claims that it treats or prevents allergies, colds or flu. Nor do I. This is just my personal experience and nothing more. Anyone else taking EpiCor may not have the same experience.

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