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I Haven't Blogged Since Thursday! Ahh! Minor Freakout.

Posted Feb 11 2013 7:04pm
Good evening Beautiful!

Oh gosh, I feel like I haven't written in forever. Probably because the last time I did write was... Thursday? I can't even remember. So sorry about it!! I guess I just realized that I needed some down time, and I'm feeling more refreshed than ever! I think it's because C's snoring solution came in the mail on Friday and good news, IT WORKS!! It's like a mouth guard he wears when he's sleeping... and my god, it's been amazing. I haven't been woken up by snoring since last week and I actually feel rested.... it's fantastic! I forgot what it felt like :). I still wear earplugs for backup, but it's been great so far! I hope it continues to work!

This weekend was such a fun weekend!! On Friday C and I spent the night inside and watching some serious Netflix. I think ever since we've gotten American Netflix, our internet bill has gone way up and we never watch actual shows on tv anymore. I wish Canada had unlimited internet. All I'd do is watch Netflix! I think Nova Scotia has unlimited internet.. weird, why doesn't Ontario? Anyways.... I also made some gluten-free chocolate chip cookies because Michelle from had bought me a pre-made batter, so all I had to do is all butter and eggs. I should have thought about this before hand, but after I made them, I was left with like 30 gluten-free cookies. In caes you didn't know, just because they're gluten-free doesn't mean I can eat all 30 without gaining weight. It's been tough to try and not nibble on a cookie at all points throughout the day. I've actually been failing horribly.. but can you blame me? Look at these things!...

Also, I got a neat surprise from Vitamin Water Canada in the mail on Friday - it was a nice surprise to come home to!

The water came with a little tote bag which is pretty hilarious, "You can always count on me to tell you the truth whenever your lying to yourself".. haha! Too funny. The vitamin water is actually really good and I got sent flavours that I really enjoy! I'm a huge fan of the berries and those are the flavours that I got sent! It was super nice of them to give me some samples, thanks Vitamin Water Canada!

On Saturday C, myself and one of our friends went to Yorkdale mall together. Yorkdale is not convenient in the least to get to from our house, however it is my favourite mall in Toronto so I love going there. I went into David's and held my future shoe. Just seeing them and holding them again makes me motivated to get after them! I grabbed some new face cream from The Body Shop and used a gift card I had for Artizia and bought myself a new dress - more on the dress later!

We were all in the fairly new Kate Spade store and C asked me to pick out a Valentine's day present because he knows I love Kate Spade and he prefers to get me things he knows I like as opposed to guessing... so I guess we technically did Valentine's Day early! I got a cross-body bag, and I'm in love with it!

I've worn it everywhere everyday since I got the bag! The interior is bright red... it's so nice! :) I'm a very lucky girl :)...

Saturday night we went out with the same friend that went to the mall with us, D and our friend from London, A, came down to visit for the night! We hit up our local watering hole, William's Landing where Mr. D found himself a date next weekend (YAYE HIM!) and we got to see some people we haven't seen in a while! Around 12:30 we left Williams Landing and went to The Drake Hotel to meet up with other friends. Thanks to our friend who has some serious hook-ups, we by-passed the entire line and waltzed our tooshies into the bar and down to the booth they had for another friends birthday! Here are some fun pictures from the night, and the dress I'm wearing is the dress I bought with my gift card at the mall!

That part of the night was a blast, however once we got outside and realized there were absolutely NO cabs, we were a bit concerned. We got a burrito (yes, I ate a steak burrito) and me, being the genius that I am, was wearing a spring jacket with a dress and heels, no tights or leotards and ended up having to walk in the snow, in the freezing cold trying not to focus on how bad my feet were hurting. I don't know how long we were walking for, at one point I was so cold I was crying... yes, when I'm not at a a certain comfort level I cry.... I've come to terms with it... Eventually C convinced a cab driver to ditch his call and take us home. He's such a good boyfriend. I got home, heated up the burrito, downed the burrito and went to bed. AND because he wasn't snoring, I ended up sleeping till 11:30AM! HOLY! I don't remember the last time I slept that much!!

Needless to say I didn't get any exercise (besides dancing and walking in snow in heels) and ate medium-well. On Friday night we ordered pizza, however I did make sure my crust was gluten-free. Saturday I woke up and made myself a healthy smoothie, and when we were at the mall I had some delicious Indian Food (A green chicken and herbs box... a bed of brown rice topped with green curry chicken, tomatoes, cucumbers, corn, pomegranate seeds, herbs, chick peas, and cherry sauce), it's the best and I will get it every time I'm at Yorkdale. For dinner I had a 6'' sub from subway (that wasn't healthy at all, I even had extra bacon lol) and then my burrito at around 3am. On Sunday I think I ate like 5 of those gluten-free chocolate chip cookies but we made steak for dinner so I had steak, mushrooms and kale :).

I'm more than half-way through my second course!! I'm excited to finish this course and move onto my next textbook. I've been using the same textbook for both of these courses and I feel like it's just one big course because the book is the same. I think once I move onto a new book it will feel more like I'm making progress :). I'm currently learning about good ways to help prevent cardiovascular disease, cancer and just making sure people keep themselves overly healthy. Loooove it!!

Today I hit the treadmill hard. I didn't bring outside running gear, but needed to kill it due to only eating medium-well and sitting on my butt all weekend...

I did 4.5 miles (7.2km) in about 45 minutes. Not my best, but it felt hard today so finishing felt like a super accomplishment. This is my first training run of the Toronto Yonge St 10km! I'm excited to be one of their Digital Champions this year! There's about 25 of us who got asked to be a Digital Champion so I jumped at the opportunity! Since I'm somewhat representing them, I want to do really well! I don't think I'll be doing as well as I did last year, but I still want a sub-58 minute 10km. Last year I ran the 10km in 55 minutes and some odd seconds, but I had also been training for the half for 14 weeks at that point and was running around 20km on my long runs. 10km felt like NOTHING. I totally remember. I was tired at the end, but it was a lot shorter of a race than I was used to running so it felt good.

My workout goal for this week is to do 3 runs at least 4 miles in length. I've gotten one down, so two more to go! I'm getting my motivation back up - it's so exciting and nice! Wish me luck!

What are your workout goals for the week? How was your weekend?? Please tell me you did more exercise than I did?

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