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I have my Hematology Result. HCT = 0.45 HGB = 154 RBC = 5.00 WBC = 22.3 Segmenters = 86 Lymphocytes = 6 Monocytes = 8 Pl

Posted by demigodz

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What's your question?  Your Hct (hematocrit) & Hgb (hemoglobin), two measures of how much blood you have, are fine.  But that's like saying a C or B is a passing grade, which they are.  However, if you're used to straight A's, then even a B grade isn't good enough.  Likewise, if you're used to higher values for your Hct & Hgb, you might feel relatively "anemic" or low blood.

Your WBC or white blood cell count is awfully high.  Do you have an ongoing infection?  If not, how did you get there results?  And why didn't you ask the person who ordered these tests and gave you said results for his/her opinion?  

You didn't mention what are presumably platelets or clotting factors.  Again, what is the point of posting your partial results without any medical history.  We're here to treat patients, not just numbers.  Hope this helps.

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