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I have chest wall inflammation

Posted by jesusmyjoy

I've had this since feb 2011 and i've been treated for it five times..I am in pain and I don't understand why this isn't healing.
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Hmmm . . . did your family physician give you a name besides describing what's going on?  What were your five treatments?

I'm not clear if you're describing a musculoskeletal complaint.  And exactly where is it?  What makes it worse?  Taking a deep breath?  Or moving your arms around.

Did you injure yourself which then led to the inflammation?  Perhaps a rib fracture?  Any fevers, sweats or chills?  Pneumonias can cause chest wall inflammation.  A pus pocket or empyema can cause pleurisy.  Often this requires more than just antibiotics - empyemas need to be drained or the pus will never go away.  

Do you smoke (or are exposed to large amounts of tobacco)?  Perhaps that's the reason for your chest wall inflammation.  Any exposure to asbestos?  Asbestos is notorious for causing mesothelioma which is a cancer of the lining of the lung.  Or perhaps is is just plain old pleurisy.  

Best to have a chat w/your family physician and ask for an explanation as to what's going on, why it happened, how to treat it, and how to be sure it never comes back.  Good luck!

The diagnosed it finally as costochondritis it's not caused by smoking, my lungs are clear..they did a catscan and no lumps's in the chest wall.
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