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I have arthiritis like pain in my hands with slight swelling and every month without fail I get a heavy feeling in my legs.

Posted by shambles1977

I have an underactive thyroid and have been suffering with since before being diagnosed pins and needles in the outside edges of my feet and tingling in my fingers. It has been getting worse even though the thyroid is now within the normal range (Dr says it it) I now get arthiritis like painin my hands and keep dropping things, I do not have a much dexterity as I had. I keep missing things!!!like when I hang the washing on the line I miss the line with the peg!!! Every onth without fail about 2 days before my manstruation starts i get very a heavy legged feeling with intermittent bursts of pins and needles for no real reason. I can be walking and get them or sitting and get them. It does not make any sense to me. The pain in my hands keeps me awake at night and the heaviness in my legs also gets worse. I also get lightnin/stabbing pain through my eyeball and it is horrendous Dr said it was migraine but it never went away with the medication she prescribed. It is not there permanently it comes and goes could be there on and off all day for 1 week then gone for a month, then back again. It is abosolutley awful and makes you just want to cry. I have been to the Dr but she does not know what is wrong she has sent me for a laparoscopy to see if it is a gynae problem but it has come back all clear and my neurology appointmnt has been cancelled 3 times. I am very worried about it as it is interferring with my life and making me extremely depressed. If anyone can help I would be delighted as I do not know where else to turn.
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