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I Have A Problem… But It’s Not These PB Cups

Posted Nov 15 2012 5:59am

I have a problem.  It’s getting to be a big problem.

I’ll just say it.  If I insert tons of pictures of my peanut butter and almond butter cups, maybe you won’t judge me.

I hate working out in the morning…

I really do.  I hate it.  I have less energy for my workouts in the morning.  I’m always hungry when I wake up and I don’t want to eat before working out and then have to eat again later.  I just NEVER want to work out in the morning.

Don’t get me wrong. I love working out.  And I love the morning!  I just HATE the two together.  I like to wake up early and have that time to study, blog, read emails, peacefully drink my coffee.  That’s another thing- working out in the morning totally ruins the time when I would have my coffee!!

My favorite time to work out is in the early evening.  As long as I’m out of school by 5pm I can hit the gym and love it.  I have tons of energy at that time, I come home to a nice dinner, and go to bed.  I feel like working out in the afternoon helps me work out all my stress from the day.

BUT…. my problem is the fact that on this rotation I am not getting home until 6:30 or 7 and since I like to be in bed pretty early, I never want to go to the gym that late!  So for the last 2 days, I haven’t worked out.

I know the easiest solution to this problem would be to just suck it up and work out in the morning because then it’s over and I have my whole day.  But- said in a 4 year old’s voice- I don’t want to! 

I’ve read a million things about how to get into the habit of working out in the morning: set your gym clothes out, set your alarm as a reminder, sleep in your gym clothes, make a reward system, blah blah blah.  I’ve done it before- I’ve had a few months spurts when I only workout in the morning.  I know how to do it, I just seriously don’t feel like working out in the morning lately.

So… that’s my problem… Any advice?  

Well, something that isn’t my problem, is this amazing recipe!  These are 2 ingredient, clean whole food made, Peanut Butter and Almond Butter Cups.


1 bag dark or semisweet chocolate chips

1/4 cup peanut butter

1/4 cup almond butter

toppings of your choice: sea salt, crushed almonds, ginger candy, pumpkin seeds, etc.


Melt chocolate in a double boiler.

Scoop 1-2 tbs chocolate into lined muffin tins.

Place in freezer for 15 minutes.

Cover each chocolate piece with 1 tbs nut butter of your choice.

Spoon chocolate over each candy until fully covered- about 1-2 tbs.

Sprinkle toppings of your choice onto each candy before it becomes solid.

Place in freezer for 15 minutes to set.  Store these in the refrigerator.

Yum yum yum!! And pretty low in sugar!! Yippee!!  Maybe I will workout in the morning if I put one of these on my treadmill?


OK time for your work out in the morning advice! I need it! 


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