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Posted Feb 08 2011 12:09am

That has been dubbed my motto by some friends of mine... “I hate that I love to craft!”

Don’t really know why that is, I just cannot be called crafty. It’s not my thing. You can say I’m artistic, or creative, or very good with my hands?...but crafty...don’t you dare!

Not saying there is anything wrong with you that like to craft...I like to cut stuff out, paint it, create things, and decorate the house for the holidays (but CRAFT is not the word I use to describe it!!).

ANYWAY...this is what it looked like outside today:


It SUCKED! Totally didn’t make me happy. DSC07239

So what did I do with my day? Go for a run? nope. Do some sit-ups? wrong. Shadow boxing? negative. What I did was crafted decorated!! Valentines day is NEXT WEEK & I had to make it more festive in this house.

I am a super huge fan of celebrating the holidays (big or little, random or traditional).

ie - Ground hogs day: Traditional Apple Pie


Valentines day:

DSC07260 DSC07262 DSC07261

In other words - I didn’t do anything active today, except watching after my little guy. He had a fever Thursday til Sunday and now that that is gone, he has a rash. gah!

DSC07255   DSC07256

I’m not a bad mom, I’m just giving it through the night before I take him in to the doc. (I have a thing against doctors, they never helped with my running injuries, so I just would rather wait things my baby is another story).

Well, now that my house is officially ready for Valentines Day...

DSC07263      (aside from some treats I will be making when the day gets closer)

DSC07268   DSC07267

...maybe I will suck it up and get my butt out in the cold for a run tomorrow!!

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