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I got bullied by a teenage water polo player...

Posted Apr 24 2012 4:35am
After missing my swimming for the past two Mondays due to vacation and back pain, I finally made it back to the pool tonight.  And how was it?  Quite frankly, it sucked.  And here's why...

Incidentally, Monday nights are water polo practice nights at our pool and so at 8:00 they close down a few of the lanes so the polo players can have dedicated lanes for their practice.  No problem.  Usually what happens is that the lifeguards change the signage and ask the rest of us to clear the lane and nobody gets hurt.

Tonight however, all of the water polo players decided to bully us out of their lane!  I was almost done my lap, about 5m from the end of the lane and suddenly, one of the players jumped in front of me.  Mid-stroke I stopped and as I lifted my head out of the water he says, "It's our lane now, get out!"  I was shocked, still trying to catch my breath so I ducked under the lane rope and moved out of the way.  Two other people in my lane were told to "Get out of the way!" and suddenly there were a bunch of non-polo swimmers all crammed into one lane, ticked off that the pack of pubescent polo players had been so arrogant and rude.

I have no problem vacating the lane at 8:00 but I do not appreciate being bullied by a pack of teenage boys.  Everyone else was really ticked off by their attitude.  I tried to go back and get my water bottle from the lane but as soon as I ducked under the rope, one of them started yelling at me again (and yes, I checked to make sure none of them were approaching the end of the lane before I quickly darted in to grab my bottle).

I'm not the best swimmer and not terribly experienced when it comes to all of this, but I'm pretty sure it's not proper etiquette to stop someone mid-stroke and tell them to get out of the way.  The remaining lanes were just too busy so we decided to call it a night.

So all in all, tonight's swim sucked.  We went to sit in the hot tub and then got bullied by some other rude guy who told us to move because he wanted to use the jet where we were sitting.  We told him we weren't quite finished yet and he said too bad, it was his turn.  At this point we just gave up and left.

I think I managed to get 600m done, big deal.  Not only am I still a struggling swimmer, but apparently I make a pretty good punching bag for water polo punks too.  Ha ha.
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