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I fell {off the face of the earth}

Posted Feb 19 2010 12:00am


I don’t even know where to start. My last post was a week and a half ago… that’s unheard of for me! So sorry to the abandonment! The good news IS, while I wasn’t actually blogging, I was still thinking about it and taking plenty of photos and video of my random day to day stuff.

I’ll warn you now, this could be  along, picture intense post since I have 9 days of catching up to do. For this same reason, I also won’t post ALL the pics from every event. Hmm, now that I think about it, I might just make some separate post and either back date them or something like that.


Lets start with where I left off. We’ll do a quick week in review…

Not too much happened today. Except another simply amazing sunrise. You see, our side of the building faces directly east and we have a perfect view of the gorgeous sunsets that the Queen City is blessed with. Every morning, our place is flooded with the richest shades of pink and orange. GORGEOUS!

Later that day, I went to Trader Joes to pick up a few things. I remembered reading a while back on The Chic Life that she loved TJ’s pizza dough… and it’s only 99 cents! I’m not much of a pizza person, but hubs could live off of it. So, I picked some up and made him a mozzarella and baby spinach pizza that evening. I tasted the dough, and it WAS delicious!! I’m definitenly going to have to buy some more to make some other goodies with. Hubby really liked it as well.

I just made a small one because I had absolutely no appetite and skipped out on dinner. Horrible, I know! Turns out, I ended up getting the flu a few days later, which explains everything.

Today was a glorious day! After not being able to travel to my parents for over a month and a half, we were FINALLY hitting the road! Up north was dealing with the blizzard that would never end, so every weekend that we would try to make it in, the weather would prevent us from doing so. SO, when mom called and said that so far, it was looking clear and the roads weren’t too bad – I packed the bags and we planned to leave as soon as hubs got home from work.

Now, get this. While it was finally decent weather at my parents, it decided to snow in Charlotte. And I mean SNOW. I have to admit, being from a state that gets it’s fair share of snow, I often laugh when people here freak out because the forecast says 1 inch of snow. But let me just tell you, this particular night, it started snowing shortly before we were ready to leave… and it came FAST! This is outside our home as we were leaving..

I wont lie – I LOOOOVE snow! So I was super excited to see some here. That downside is that most of these people in the south have NO IDEA how to drive in it. The interstate was not *that bad*, yet everyone was still ending up in the median or in a ditch. SLOW DOWN!

I guess it had been a while since we took my SUV anywhere when there was any type of percipitation, because we quickly found out that my windshield wiper blades really, really sucked. The were just smudging everything around and squeaking every SINGLE time. GRR!

Being typical of the south during snow, everything was closing down early… including the AutoZone that we stopped at to get new blades. We finally ended up stopping at a Wal Mart just north of the lake. I waited in the car. That nice little adventure deserves it’s very own post. There’s plenty of pics and a video. Put it this way, Thomas has never changed wiper blades himself, so we had a 30 minute delay.

All in all, we finally made it home. Look what my mommy & daddy had waiting on us :)

So sweet! Hubs & I don’t really celebrate Valentines Day {you can read more about that here}, so it was nice to spend the weekend and home with family that we really missed. MUCH better than a dinner date… I mean, we do that all the time anyway.

This day was spent at my little cousins baby shower, which also deserves it’s own post! I’ll be adding that & linking here shortly!

The shower was held at my grandparents house, so I got to spend some much needed time with them as well. Meet my papa & his unseparable pal, Dale.

As stated earlier, hubs and I don’t really celebrate a “typical” valentines day. Don’t get me wrong, I used to LOVE it! My mom still goes all out and decorates the entire house in reds and hearts. I’ll definitely love it again when hubs & I have little ones and we get to do all the phone Valentine’s day crafts, the cards, making pretty card boxes for their valentine parties, etc.

Spending time at home with our families that we don’t see enough was way better. In fact, hubs and I never really ever did the Valentine thing except for the first year we were dating. Put it this way, we’d rather go on a romantic dinner out when there’s no special valentine menus, tacky decor, and oodles of crowds and stressed out servers running a muck. I guess I just don’t get it. Maybe it’s because hubs and I are so mushy, gooshy, lovey dovey all the time that this hallmark holiday just seems a bit “everyday” to us. Who knows. I do enjoy, however, the tradition that we have with my niece. Every year on the day of their valentines party at school, Hubs and I have something special delivered to her… and each year it’s gotten bigger. This year we sent a bud vase with carnation, a cute floppy puppy dog stuffed animal and two pretty balloons. Next year will do something along the same and add chocolates. She’s only in elementary school, so I imagine by the time she’s in high school I’ll have to send her a brand new car or something.

My sis got me this cute Einstein Lip Therapy set. I love it!

All in all, we spent Sunday in the car driving home. We actually like this… it’s good quality time with no distractions and we have lots of great conversation while on the road :)

I made another attempt at becoming a housewife today. I cooked dinner… again! WOO!

Hubs was really busy with work and had a lot going on trying to get ready for his business trip to San Francisco, so I wanted to make something comforting and yummy. He really likes my moms meatloaf, so I tried to recreate it and make a healthier meal out of it. I used her same recipe, only replacing ground beef with ground turkey. For sides we had green beans and some amazing potatoes that I learned about from the amazing Andrea at . She calls these “Protein Potatoes”. Super simple & delish! I’ll be posting another separate post dedicated just to these – complete with pics & recipe. Yes, they were THAT good! :)


I don’t know if it was moving south or what, but I’ve never been so sick in my life! I think I’ve had a severe cold or flu at least 3 times in the 9 months that we’ve lived here. Insane!

Anyway, I was really freaking out about this because Hubs was leaving Wednesday morning for San Fran and isn’t coming home until Monday morning.

I was sick, I mean so sick I thought I was going to have to go to the hospital. Meds were NOT working. I felt horrible about this, but I was still asleep when hubs came home from work Tuesday evening. I wanted to spend time with him since he was leaving in the morning, but I couldn’t drag myself out of bed. I finally managed to stay awake for about 20 minutes around 8:00, took more Theraflu and passed back out. I woke up Wednesday morning before hubby’s 3:30am alarm and felt SOOO much better. I took a shower and felt well enough to drop him off at the airport.

I came home, attempted to eat… didn’t do so well. Cleaned the house a bit and packed MY bags. See, the plans were for me to drive to my parents with the cats and just stay with them until Sunday so we could have a long visit. Well, that didn’t work so well either. I started feeling sick again… then my mom called and informed me that she, too was sick. By Thursday morning, I was really, really sick AGAIN. This time was horrible because I had no family within 5 hours of me… and I was out of everything. Luckily, I did have Ginger Ale, so I pretty much lived off of that and crushed ice.

By  Friday morning, I was doing better again. It’s on and off.. but I think I’ll live.

So, there was my week in review. That was HARD! I’m never missing a week of posting again, whew!

Now  that I’ve rambled on and on, tell me, how was *your* week? :)

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