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i fEEL tHE nEED...

Posted Jan 27 2011 9:37pm

...the need for speed (Thank you TOP GUN!!)

Today my training called for 2 MILES. I didn’t want to just run 2 miles to run 2 miles, so I used it as a SPEEDY workout! It was a treadmill run (only because I just got off work):

  • WARM UP –> 1/4 mile jog at 8:30 pace
  • MILE 1 –> 7:30 pace
  • MILE 2 –> 7:00 pace
  • COOL DOWN –> 9:00 pace then walked

It was great. I actually thought I was going to die after I ran the 2 miles, but I did it. That is a stinkin’ fast pace & I really don’t get how people can actually run a marathon going that fast the whole time! CRAZY FAST PEOPLE!!

I was still sore from my TUESDAY TOTAL BODY WORKOUT so I just stuck with a CORE WORKOUT tonight:

core workout2 I need some new core exercises. I do the same ones all the time. Yeah they work and are great, but I need some variety.

HELP ME OUT HERE...what are some new & different core exercises?! What are your favorites?!

**and tomorrow night is the end of the giveaway. Tell all your running buddies they have a chance to win an awesome necklace showing off their one true love!!**

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