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I Embrace Healthy Change

Posted Apr 17 2012 5:02pm

Change is healthy and natural. For Mother Nature, no day is ever the same as the day before. Each day the sun will both rise and set in its natural rhythm, and yet each new dawn will bring fresh possibilities for change.

In the same way, even when my daily routine seems predictable, I understand the potential for me to change whatever I desire.

Change in my everyday routine is healthy for my mind and spirit. Change keeps my mind sharp and my spirit energized. When I need to complete the same tasks day after day, I can choose to do them in different ways to avoid getting into a rut.

For example, my daily housework can be done in any order I choose, so I change the order around each day. Some days I dance while I tidy and clean and other days I sing. Sometimes I listen to classical music and other times I rock out!

Daily housework also gives me a chance to think through new ideas and create action plans for achieving my goals. After all, I really don’t need to focus on dirt while I sweep my floors, so I can make this necessary task a more meditative exercise and let my mind wander to new possibilities while I engage in physical activity.

I accept that the only one allowing me to  get stuck in the same routines and to stagnate, is myself. It is so easy to spice up the mundane, all I have to do is make the conscious choice to create the change and then take swift action!

When life gets boring, I can expand my knowledge with a book instead of watching TV. I can learn a new hobby, practice a new skill, or go on an adventure. Each of these changes sparks new passions and opens up even more opportunities for further fulfillment.

Today, I see life as different from any day that has come before. I can grab hold of any opportunities I may have missed because I am willing to be adaptable.


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