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I don't believe in "ga-ga"

Posted Dec 14 2009 8:50pm
I have a single male friend at work who recently broke up with his girlfriend.
To hear the hate spew from his lips makes me cringe. I know he's speaking from pain but.... wow. This is the same guy who, just a few short months ago, was swooning with me about our new relationships. This is also the same guy who, a few short months before that, admitted to me that he doesn't "believe in ga-ga".

He was refusing to believe that love really exists. Then he met someone, went a little "ga-ga", they broke up and now he's back to the cynical guy I've known for nearly 3 years.

"I knew it all along," he told me today, "I am not surprised at all that this happened."

"Well, you get what you expect," I replied.


Isn't that what happens? Aren't we doing nothing but attracting that which we fear the most?


This is why I try not to worry too much. This is why I try to reel in those fears. This is why I try to have faith that things will work out in relationships.

We get what we expect.

I choose to expect good things in life. I choose to have hope. I choose to believe in love.

I also believe that if you have faith in love, it will find you. No matter what.

I believe in ga-ga.

And I know that he does too. Its already been proven to him that it exists. Love is not illusive. You just have to dig really deep to find it, inside, somewhere beneath the pain.
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