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I don’t count calories, I count on my calories.

Posted Oct 24 2010 11:01pm

I don’t count calories, I count on my calories.

That’s right.

Instead of counting calories, I rely on them and the nutrients in foods as fuel.

Gone are the days of chronic calorie counting now that healthy, balanced eating is part of my everyday lifestyle. I no longer meticulously track calories, instead I make sure my body is fueled with the right calories, protein, carbs, and healthy fats so I can live an active and healthy life.

Simply put, I eat more on days I workout, on holidays, birthdays, vacations, and special occasions…and I don’t sweat it.

How do I know when I’m fueling my body properly?

  • I have the energy to get through any day including the ones that include hardcore workouts
  • I don’t have “brain-fog” like I used to have on ultra low-carb cycles
  • I don’t feel lethargic after I eat
  • My clothes fit comfortably
  • My skin is clear
  • I’m reaching my goals

When I’m feeling off-track, as in sluggish, or dare I say, having a fat day…I take a look at what and how much I’ve been eating and drinking (because I do write it down), my intensity levels in the gym, and my sleep quality, and then I adjust.

In a nutshell, I’m in control of my calories, they are not in control of me.

And speaking of nuts…

Now I really must go grab a spoonful of peanut butter and a protein shake and get ready for a great week…I’m counting on it!

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