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I Do It Every Year

Posted Oct 27 2011 9:47am

Morning Friends!  :-)

I hope you have been having a wonderful week!  Mine has been a little stressful, but that can be expected this time of year.  You see, I love Halloween, which I have mentioned a thousand times on here.  I love dressing up and I think it’s so fun to put costumes together.  However, without fail, I always leave my costume planning to the last minute and end up scrambling around trying to find stuff to put together my dream costume. 

I usually prefer to make my own costumes because there is always something I don’t like about store-bought ones that are already put together.  For example, last year, I went as an Indian.  I found this really cute Indian dress and belt online (or so I thought) and ordered it.  It came in and I found out that the back of it (which they didn’t show online) was a cheap, stretchy material that didn’t match the rest of the dress that was there so that it would fit any body type.  It looked awful.  My solution was to buy material that matched the front of the dress, rip apart the dress, and sew it back together.  With the help of my friend, April, we did exactly that…but only after ripping the seams out three or four times because we couldn’t get the right fit.  We aren’t exactly fashion designers and there were a few times that the dress didnt even cover my bottom.  Yikes!   It ended up turning out perfectly…but only after three nights of five-hour sewing sessions that lasted well past midnight.  All to just wear a costume for a couple of hours. 

This year, my friend, Christa, her boyfriend, Mike, Lee, and I are being the characters from the Wizard of Oz.  I chose to be the lion because…well, see those fuzzy leg warmers I’m sporting in the picture above?  I figured if I was the lion I could wear them again…because they were kind of costly (they cost more than my actual costume) and I would like to get my use out of them. 

So….here is where my situation gets sketchy every year.  I always picture these beautiful costumes in my head, where I live in a land where I’m a seamstress and that every store will have exactly what I need when I go to get it.  The picture I have in my head for this year is a cute light tan skirt and shirt trimmed with yellow-tan fur, tan arm warmers trimmed with yellow-tan fur, ears, a tail, and my furry leg warmers. 

Ohh…my imagine and expectations get the best of me sometimes…

  • I have no fur for my costume because I can’t find the color I want at the fabric store.
  • No fur = my skirt and shirt are not complete because I have no fur to sew on them.
  • I ordered a $9 lion ear and tail set on Amazon and paid $18 to have it overnighted to me because not one store in my surrounding area has lion ears and tail. 
  • I have no gloves (which would be made into arm warmers) and, obviously, no fur to sew onto them if I do happen to get a pair. 

Today will be a complete bust because I work and then teach two Jazzercise classes and won’t get home until almost nine.  That leaves tomorrow night and Saturday morning to 1.) Find stuff for my costume and 2.) Put it all together.  I’m a professional procrastinator, so I work really well under pressure…so we shall see how this turns out.  I’m feeling confident that I can improvise and make the best out of what I actually can find, so I’m not totally panicking yet.  We’ll see if I feel the same way tomorrow night when I still can’t find what I’m looking for! 

P.S. Lee is being the scarecrow and, of course, his pants are done, we found him a perfect shirt, and last night we walked into a costume shop and the first thing we saw was a scarecrow hat.  I should have been the scarecrow and just made Lee wear a tan sweatsuit and called it a day.

Do you prefer to make your own costumes or buy them?
Are you dressing up this year?  What are you being?

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