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I Didn't Get a Golden Ticket

Posted Jan 25 2013 4:34pm
1/23/13 Sweaty Results:
Run: 3 miles on TM (26:23 minutes)

Not much else to report. I fell last week during my impromptu-sock-hop-for-one in our living room. It was one of those, "Haha, that was funny... oh shit, my old bones hurt!" kind of moments. 

Lesson Learned: Don't dance around on hardwood floors in your socks. Dummy.
I'm totally fine, no need to send flowers, CHOCOLATES, cards, or make us yummy GF meals so I don't have to cook. No need. Really. Unless you feel like being a good friend. Because that's what good friends do.
Speaking of Chocolates... I ate 750 calories in chocolate yesterday. Ask me if I care? I'm awesome at photography.
I felt like Charlie from Charlie and the Chocolate Factory... only I didn't win a golden ticket. 
...felt like Charlie, now look like Violet Beauregarde after she was turned into a blueberry. But WOW, is my tummy happy.

Moral of the Story? Health Freaks overindulge sometimes too. Don't let one naughty day become your normal. 

Today's a Rest Day... Tomorrow's Sweaty Sesh:
Run: 4-5 miles. 

Wanna Share?
What is your favorite food to indulge in? 

Clearly mine is Chocolate. 
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