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I carried a watermelon {take 2} + breakfast lasagna recipe

Posted Aug 23 2010 8:33pm

Post image for I carried a watermelon  {take 2} + breakfast lasagna recipe

When I typed that title, it occurred to me that I had already used it once before in a post involving narcotics and cat nip . Um, yea. This tells me two things about myself:

  1. I really love watermelon.
  2. I still really love Dirty Dancing.

Let me back up.

When we were visiting home last weekend, my grandparents and parents sent us home with TONS of produce from their gardens. At one point, my dad walks in to the living room with a GIGANTIC watermelon reminiscent from the ones that Baby helped Billy carry up to the clubhouse. I honestly looked at him and first thing out of my mouth was “I carried a watermelon.” I’m such a dork.

We decided to butcher this baby {nobody puts baby in a corner} over the weekend. It’s now taking up ALL of my refrigerator. Look how HUGE:

It was completely gorgeous inside – sooooo fresh!

Hubs did all the knife work…. since I’m not to be trusted with knives and large fruit anymore. It’s for the best.

Completely delicious!

Also, I have a TON of watermelon right now. Seeing as how much of it there is, I decided to find some other ways to enjoy it. So, I’m creating this for breakfast. YUM!


4 cups corn flakes
2 cups minced watermelon
2 cups fresh blueberries & sliced strawberries
2 cups plain greek yogurt
2 cups granola


Place 1/3 of the corn flakes in an even layer in the bottom of an 8 X 8 serving dish. Mix together the watermelon, blueberries and yogurt and spoon half of it over the corn flake layer evenly. Sprinkle another layer of the corn flakes over the yogurt as well as half of the granola and then layer the remaining yogurt over that. Sprinkle the remaining corn flakes and granola evenly over the top.


Serves 6.

What a yummy summer treat!

What’s your favorite way to eat watermelon?

Share your idea in the comments – I’ve got a lot of melon to work with, people! ;)

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