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I Can Make You Hot with Kelly Bensimon

Posted Apr 27 2012 7:42am

Last week I was contacted asking if I’d be interested in interviewing Kelly Bensimon about her new book, I Can Make You Hot . My first reaction was “Cooooooooooooooooooool” which I might have said out loud in a voice reminiscent of my 7th grade celebrity obsession phase of life because who doesn’t know who Kelly is ? But then, I wondered what the message was. I didn’t want to discuss a book about extreme dieting, so I asked for more information and I was really pleased with what I found.

Kelly’s information is awesome. It’s right in line with the message I believe so strongly in, which is living a healthy life doesn’t have to be extreme. It’s about balance, treating your body well and enjoying life. But don’t take my word for it, take Kelly’s!


I got to talk to Kelly for 20 minutes yesterday and was so impressed with how down to earth she is. She was sweet and bubbly, even though I’m quite sure I couldn’t have been her only interview yesterday. As we chatted, I scribbled down notes as quickly as I could, so the answers below and transcribed to the best of my ability.

What does a typical day of eating look like for you?

Six days a week I have fruit in the morning, a carby lunch and dinner that consists of salad or a vegetable and protein. Sunday is Sunday Funday. I fit in treats I’ve been wanting on Sunday, like pizza, blueberry lemonade or ice cream. However, I’ve found that if you treat your body well and eat the right foods, you won’t want as much junk.

What is one food you couldn’t live without?

Ice cream. Butter pecan.

Is there one food you eat because you love the way it makes you feel?

I drink Kelly Green Juice and love it. It makes me feel so nourished. It’s kale, broccoli, orange juice and water, but you can jazz it up with whatever you want.

If you could recommend only 1 tip to women in their 20’s, what would it be?

Exercise for 20 minutes a day. I focus on cardio because it feels great for the body and the mind. In the book I have specific tips for different age groups, too.

What personal health or weight struggle have you dealt with?

I had healthy habits growing up, but my early years of modeling ruined them. I’ve lost and gained 50 pounds twice with my pregnancies and now have learned and practice healthy living. Life is too short, and I do not want to miss out on a moment of it because I’m not feeling my best. I have constant energy now because I treat my body well.

I am a big Wake Up with Taylor fan and many of her listeners remember Taylor saying that you told her to eat beer and chicken wings to get in shape. Is that still your advice?

::Laughs:: That was taken out of context Before the Playboy shoot I was busy riding horses and running a lot. I was so active that it was hard to keep weight on. I wanted to show people my real body, so I ate chicken wings and beer to make sure I wasn’t underweight and not representing my real body.

If you could sum things, what is one message you hope to get across with your book?

Eat well so you can live a good life.

I promise you guys that I’ll always be real with you and I wish you could have just listened to the conversation because it really was more of a conversation than a Q&A. Maybe I’m drinking the kool-aid Kelly green juice, but I really want to check out Kelly’s book! She was a total sweetheart and very real. It’s clear she is passionate about healthy eating and living, as a percentage of proceeds from the book are going to Generosity Water and she is a celebrity ambassador for The Food Bank of NYC.

It was great talking to her and I hope you guys enjoyed reading about it! Now, go have a fabulous weekend Smile

I was offered this opportunity through Open Sky. is a social network for shopping, which launched a year ago and already has 1.5 million members.  OpenSky’s 100+ experts include people in Style, Food, Home Décor and Healthy Living such as Martha Stewart , Bobby Flay , Cynthia Rowley , Tom Colicchio , Molly SimsTony Horton  and of course KELLY BENSIMON!

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