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I, baaaaaack..I think. New Year’s resolution maybe?

Posted Jan 01 2013 10:07pm

I HAD a decent amount of followers here…now probably not so much. I am sorry about that but I am hoping to make a come back.

Where have I been? Oh I could go on and on about I will give you the short version…being a mom of 3 is harder than I thought, I just couldn’t juggle it all anymore and my husband has had health problems. This is nothing dramatic, just reality and for the past few months I have had to focus only on what HAS to get done: i.e. spending time with my children, cleaning my house, grading papers (which is an English teachers biggest cross to bear) and spending time with my husband.

I won’t go into detail on any of my excuses except to point out that even now, at 5am on New Year’s Eve morning, the baby is awake and rolling all over the living room and the reason I am able to type is because the bigger kiddos are still asleep and have not dumped all of their dangerous toy pieces all over the house for me to pull out of baby’s hand. So Vivi rolls free as I type and drink coffee. Not exactly peaceful, but less crazy than usual.

So as I approach the New Year I do my usual goal setting. Things seem to be getting easier around here, or maybe these days off from work have left me feeling well-rested enough to tackle new things. I dunno, but either way I am hoping to use this blog again as a way to share my struggles and triumphs as a busy working mom of three who has a major goal of being as healthy and happy as possible.

So as an update on the health front:

Two years ago I started this blog. I was 29, had two children and felt like I needed to change some “stuff” in my life. Mainly I needed to put my own health as a bigger priority. And I did well. I lost some weight, became stronger, ate cleaner and worked out a lot. Then I became pregnant with the Vivster and things became more challenging. However, I kept at it. I wasn’t eating AS great as before I had pregnancy as an excuse…but I went to the gym 4-5 morning a week up to about 36 weeks.

Then Viv was born and I took the normal amount of time off to heal. I started back at the gym about a month or so later and even started running. The weight wasn’t flying off, but I felt good..slow and steady.

When my husband had surgery and a few other issues it really became tricky and I have really slowed down at the gym. honestly I don’t feel bad about this. It really wasn’t out of laziness. I was still waking up at 4:30 to get things done…but I had to take some time off to catch up at life.

As we head into the New Year I feel like I need to be back in full swing. My husband is finally back at the gym as well, which totally helps. He is an all or nothing kind of guy and now that he can work out again I know we will both do much better. We both have a few pounds to lose, but nothing comparedto last time. This makes it easier..a general focus of health rather than just weightloss.

So hello again blog friends. I am here to share my journey, my struggles. I am here to seek advice and give some of my own (for what it’s worth). I am here to be accountable to something and to show it can ben done even though it is hard. So follow our family on our continuous path through a life focused on happiness, health, vegetable growing, animal and child raising, plus all the challenges that come with it.

Happy New Year.


P.S. Just during the writing of this post I fed two children, fed both pets, fixed the ice cream maker and switched the laundry over…so this may just be a trickier than expected endeavour.


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