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I am sorry

Posted Apr 28 2010 2:06pm

Hello friends,

How is everyone’s day going so far? Good I hope.

Well it has finally come to my last day to share of my trip in Madrid, Spain. My trip overseas sure went by fast. I am planning on creating a new page for our ‘travels’ to make it easier to find Michelle and I’s travels tips and information.

Now time for my last day in Madrid. What did Gary and I do for our last day together?

Our original plan was to go see Toledo but we missed the morning train due to the train station being extremely busy with the volcanic ash cloud changing people’s travel plans. Therefore, we decided to take it easy on our last day and just be lazy ;) The great news about our last day was the weather! It was finally a sunny and glorious day outside!

My breakfast was a grapefruit smoothie (un-pictured).

After standing in line at the train station for almost an hour to find out we missed our train to Toledo we left the station to find something good to eat for lunch.

IMG_5968 We came across this restaurant near the park.

IMG_5964 La Taperia was the name. Our waiter was very nice and spoke a little English :) Also we sat outside to enjoy the beautiful weather!

IMG_5967 I got a cafe Americano. I have really been enjoying their coffee over here.

Now their menu was not as extensive as other places we have been too therefore their were not many food options for me. But that was ok because I was just wanting a salad of some sort. They did have a typical goat cheese salad but I was not feeling that salad because that is all I have had the whole trip. I decided to go with a different salad even though it was toped with prawns.

IMG_5970 The main reason I got the salad was because it had a coconut Caribbean flavors to it. I just took the prawns off and gave them to Gary! Loved the salads presentation though. The salad was simple yet delicious.


Gary got their gourmet duck burger. What a presentation?

IMG_5973 Gary loved this burger. He said is was different (mainly due to duck giving a different texture) but overall the burger had nice flavor.

Last lunch in Madrid = success!

After lunch we continued our walk to the park nearby.




IMG_5991 The park was beautiful and so peaceful!



IMG_5998 We sat on a  bench and enjoyed the sun for a few moments :) I just love being able to sit down to relax and think about nothing. Don’t you?


After leaving the park we walked Madrid some more and headed back to the hotel to do some computer work before heading out again for Gary’s pre-dinner snack.

IMG_6007 He had to try their famous chocolate con churros! Therefore we researched for the best churros in Madrid and this chocolateria came up and luckily enough it was near the hotel.

IMG_6009 We sat outside. The chocolateria was located off a little side street, tucked away in the back. Very cute I must say!


Chocolate con Churros!


Look good don’t they?


I got to enjoy the chocolate! :)


I can see why this is a popular late night snack for people here in Madrid ;)


Gary enjoyed every bite!

We walked around some more to waste time before dinner for Gary to burn off his churro.

Finally my last meal in Madrid, Spain :(

IMG_6022 This vegetarian restaurant called Al Natural was another VegNews recommendation of places to eat at in Madrid. And we passed it a few times during our walks so I was able to check out the menu a few times before coming here for dinner. They had a great menu of vegetarian meals to choose from along with a few vegan options.


Let my last dinner begin!


Very cozy and nice inside.

IMG_6031 Again we were the first ones there, but a few minutes after us people started rolling in. And two local men sat at the table next us; I was thrilled to see two local ‘Madrid’ men eating at vegetarian restaurant!! :)

IMG_6027 Check out their first page on the menu. Love the saying on it!!

“May your food be your medicine and may your only medicine be food”

How awesome is that?!?!

IMG_6028 Complimentary appetizer. Carrots and dip! I enjoyed the carrots though the dip was a little funny tasting. Gary was not a fan of the dip either.

IMG_6034 Got some drinks to go along with dinner too. Wine for me of course ;)


I got one for their soups to start. They had a few that sounded amazing though I went with they called the Earth Soup. It was full of seaweed and vegetables. It was amazing!!!!

IMG_6043 I hope to re-create this soup.

IMG_6039 Gary’s entree was Al Naturals pie. It was breaded on the outside with a cream sauce with veggies in the inside. He liked though not quite what he was expecting but overall said the dish was delicious!

IMG_6044 My main entree was their veggie burgers with some vegetarian paella and small salad. The veggie burgers were breaded and lightly fried but I ate them anyways. Hey, it was my last night and I went all out ;)

IMG_6046 I ate just about the whole thing! It was incredible. Very good! I was very happy with my final meal in Madrid.

The whole atmosphere and dinner was amazing. I really enjoyed myself at this vegetarian restaurant.

After dinner we headed back to the hotel to pack and get ready for my flight tomorrow. We were unsure how the Madrid airport would be in reference to the Volcanic ash going on. But I was lucky and my flight was on schedule!

Finally this is my last post about my trip overseas. I hope you enjoyed them all and got a few ideas for your next trip overseas. As you may have noticed I was not eating my normal eats but I was ok with that. Well I kinda had to be! I felt I did my best to stay within my typically eats but yet still indulge in the culture of Europe and Spain.

**On a side note: I have gotten a few different responses to the bull fight that never happened on my post the other day in Madrid. To make my point short I was not really wanting to go see the bull fight, it was my boyfriend who wanted to go because it is a highlight of an event to do while in Spain. I know it is not a vegan friendly thing to do and I am not promoting bull fighting to anyone. It just happened to be a thing that we ended up doing during our trip in Spain. I am sorry if it offended anyone in anyway that was not the point.  It is apart of their culture over there and I am not for it. This might sound confusing to some but again I am sorry that if it looked like I support that kind of behavior ( I don’t).We were just in the moment and went with it. I hope this makes sense!

I will just end it like that. Sorry again.

Till next time,


The Twins


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