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I Am Distracted

Posted Jan 16 2013 12:54pm

This week, I’m taking a course taught by my soul brother Mastin Kipp, founder of The Daily Love. The course is called “Love Uni-versity: Discover Your Soul’s Goals for 2013! with Mastin Kipp.” It’s five-day live course (90-minutes per day) and, after day one, I’ve already learned a shit ton about getting shit done.

I know my soul’s goals for 2013: Get to work! Over the past few months, I have been flooded with miracles in the form of lessons: books, blogs, pod casts, YouTube videos this live course from Mastin  - I am studying the shit out of spirituality.  I’m being a humble student so I can prepare myself for becoming a truly radical spiritual teacher. As I study these lessons (many of which are life experiences), my creativity is being heightened. I have two particular long-term projects that I know are going to be so successful – but I’ve yet to start them.


I am distracted

From what?

Social media.

Mastin is currently writing his first book and he’s decided to rid himself of email, Internet, and social media while he is writing because it is a distraction and disturbs his flow state. This was really powerful for me. As soon as he said that he was giving that stuff up, my heart dropped. “WTF?” I thought. “I couldn’t do that.”

Then, I realized that statement was a lie – and a clear sign that I am, in many ways, addicted to social media. I definitely allow it to disturb my flow state. This hinders my ability to create, which, in turn, hinders my ability to serve others and myself. Not okay.

Mastin said something really powerful yesterday in class. He said, “We are either growing or dying.” In each moment, we’re either choosing to grow (pursuing a passion, interacting with others, doing something outside of our comfort zones) or choosing to die (i.e. fluffing around on social media, giving into fearful thoughts). I realized that I spend a lot of time growing on social media (i.e. connecting with others) but more time dying (i.e. fluffing around). 

So, I’m ready to grow. I’m ready to get focused and un-distract myself. Now, I’m not giving up social media; it’s part of my job and I am in love with connecting with others through this kick-butt cyber world! It is a total gift. I am making a commitment to streamline it, though. Here’s the breakdown: I am awake for roughly 16 hours per day. Each hour, I’ll be kind and say I check some form of social media three times. 16 x 3 = 48 times per day. Assuming I spend two minutes checking that specific social media outlet (again, being kind), that’s 48 minutes of my day that I’m dedicating 96 minutes to social media every day. That’s 1 hour, 30 minutes! 

I am ready to clear space for more good stuff to come in. This is going to be hard but that’s all the more reason I need to do it. When something seems difficult, we know it’s the right choice. My plan is to check Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook four times per day: after my AM meditation, after lunch, sometime late afternoon, and after dinner. 

I started today and I already feel more mentally cleansed. HOLLA!

Stay lovely,

Are you distracted from social media? Could you benefit from a streamline or do you have it under control? I wanna know! xo

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