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I am a health fanatic and do all that I can for superior health. Is it too much that I am ......

Posted by naturalnut

taking a multi vitamin and mineral supplement from Now Foods every morning, a 500 mg vitamin C capsule with bioflavonoids, and an afternoon smoothie with 1/2 tblsp spirulina? Hope not b/c I feel really good about it.
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It's really doubtful that the vitamin/mineral supplement is beneficial since synthetic, fractionated nutrients have not been found to be protective and folate, alpha tocopherol (vit E), and beta carotene have all been consistently implicated in cancer promotion.

Ascorbic acid alone is fine and spirulina is also is good.  There are many independent clinical studies on a whole food concentrate in capsules and chewables called Juice Plus which are published in medical journals that show it to be highly protective.

You can learn more from my website, It's great for you and your family that you're very proactive about making healthy choices.

Verna Groger, RD

Thank you for the advice it was very helpful and i feel the same way about multi's but it is a liquid and i thought that it was a natural source but maybe not. Do you know any brands that have a non sythetic multiple?

Some multi's claim to be natural, but it's a stretch. They grow the vitamins on various foods and then extract them so they're still fractionated. There are over 10,000 nutrients and antioxidants in an apple or a serving of collards or broccoli. The 25-50 vitamins and minerals in a mulit can't compare to the complexity and bioavailibility (able to be absorbed and utilized by the body) of natural foods or a whole food concentrate.

 There are 8 naurally-occuring forms of vitamin E, 4 tocopherols and 4 tocotrienols. The latter are very powerful antioxidants, able even to destroy cancer cells. But almost all multi's only contain the one that's the cheapest to synthesize, alpha tocopherol, which has been shown to be damaging instead of protective.

There's a lot of information on nutrition on my website, especially in the blog. Also lots of easy, healthy recipes.

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