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i am 18 i have oly one day of menstural period and that to not fully ...i hardly use two pads .....what is my problem?

Posted by pavithra

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I highly doubt you have a problem.  The number of pads used during menses varies dramatically from person to person, so don't compare yourself to your friends, sisters, or mother.  In fact, your menses will vary dramatically until your hormones develop their own cyclic rhythm.  

With that said, you still need to use at least one form of contraception (two is even better w/both barrier & hormonal contraception) to keep from getting pregnant, since you can still conceive even during your menses.  

Now, if you have regular monthly periods and then stop all of a sudden, then it's best to check in w/your family physician to be sure you're not pregnant and that something else isn't going on.

However, it's not uncommon for young women to have irregular periods, sometimes skipping, sometimes alternating light & heavy.  If you're a endurance athlete w/very little body fat, or a very high level competitor, you might not have any menses at all, due to the effect of physical & emotional stress on your brain & hormones.

Best advice as always is to have a chat w/your family physician who can ask all the right questions, evaluate you thoroughly, order tests if necessary, and provide you with reassurance.  Good luck!

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