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I’ve got five fingers

Posted May 08 2011 11:45pm

What an exciting past few days.  First, Sunday morning I met the rest of the San Francisco Marathon training team and paced my group on an 11 mile run.  Actually, the members of my pace group slowed down a little bit this week, so I ended up just running with one of the other pacers.  But she is awesome and we had great conversation, so the time flew by. 

Post-run I refueled with a nut and seed bagel.  I ate it the true, hardcore runner way – outside, plain, by ripping off a piece at a time. 


Classy – that’s me.

On the way home from the run, I made a stop at Whole Foods.  I went there to pick up some lettuce, but left with this:


Pumpkin Bolani – my new old obsession.  I first tried spinach bolani last year and fell in love with it.  That is, until I tried the pumpkin.  This stuff is a great snack and incredibly addictive.  The only problem?  Whole Foods is the only place near me that sells it, and it costs $5.99 for a package Disappointed smile  I couldn’t make a package last and was spending a LOT of money on bolani each month, so I stopped buying it completely.  Well, I made the mistake of buying it again and have re-ignited my addiction.  I have to recreate this at home!

In the afternoon, I ran across a deal for Vibram Five Fingers.  I have been toying with the idea of buying a pair of Five Fingers for a while now, but couldn’t spend the money on a pair of shoes that I knew wouldn’t be my main running shoes.  When I saw this deal, I couldn’t resist.  I got them for $50 – and that includes shipping!

I’m really excited for them to arrive.  I’m going to have to start out really slow.  In case I never mentioned before, my feet are really flat.  I have no arch whatsoever.  You know the wet test that you can use to determine your foot type?  Well… in my wet test, you don’t even just see an entire foot.  You see… well… a huge blob. 

At first, I didn’t think Five Fingers would work for me because of my flat feet – I thought I definitely had to have some support.  But since then I have read that they can actually be good for people with flat feet as they can teach you to land more properly and can build up strength in the muscles of your foot that have weakened over time, perhaps even contributing to the flat feet.  I guess we shall see.  But I’m excited to get my Five Fingers!!!

Sunday dinner was shirataki pasta with broccoli, mushrooms, and creamy hummus sauce.  With avocado and a chicken sausage on the side.


Love these artichoke and mozzarella chicken sausages from Costco.


And I got the avocados from the farmers market inside the flea market yesterday.  They were 3 for a dollar!!!  And they are delicious.


Finally, ya’ll know I love my banana soft serve .  Check out this gizmo – a new appliance created for the sole purpose of making banana soft serve.  Cool…. but I think I’ll stick to my blender.  Mainly because I don’t have a single square inch of counter space available on my counter for another kitchen appliance…

I’m off to go hunt down some dessert.  Goodnight, ya’ll!

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