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I’m Not Afraid Of Bulking Up

Posted Nov 12 2012 12:00am

I’ve had these photos all loaded and desperate to get out for days and days now.  Run free broccoli soup, run free!!!!!!

I made this soup and ate it as leftovers a bunch of days last week because I was feeling super chilly.  This is a seriously easy broccoli and potato soup recipe – go make it!

Other than that I’ve been in serious gym mode.  For reals :) .  In the last eleven days I’ve been to the gym nine times.  Most of my workouts have been 6am workouts.  For some reason these are coming a lot easier to me than when I tried morning workouts before.  Who knows why, but I’m going to keep riding the wave.

Next topic – what I’m doing at the gym.  I’m lifting, like serious lifting dudes.  I’ve been getting some questions around the inter-webs about where my workout is from.  Et voila:

No I’m not planning on looking like that.  And before I get me some comments / questions about bulking up – nope, not afraid one bit.

In fact, whoever is spreading that horrible rumour that women will bulk up …

Elf quote it:  “YOU SIT ON A THRONE OF LIES”

Okay not a total throne of lies, but “Santaaaaaaa, I know himmmmm” is being used later in my holiday quoting spree.

Seriously ladies, how on earth did this fear ever start.  Yes technically you can bulk up from  lifting, if you try to.  If you want to look like a body builder you can.  But most of us are just going to get super lean.  I ain’t scared of beating my friends at arm wrestling (seriously they do this).  I ain’t scared about looking smokin hot in a tank top.  PIPES PIPES PIPES PIPES PIPES (please sing this like LMFAO’s “shots shots shots shots shots”).

What say you on this bulking up issue?

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