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I’m getting so much better on the treadmill

Posted Apr 13 2011 11:02pm

Workout: 10 mile run, 1:26:10 [8:37 pace]

IT WAS AN AWESOME RUN! 0413112008a

I had such a long debate with myself last night trying to decide if I should get up (5:30) before I had to go to work (8:00) & do my run or wait until after work (1:30) or do it in the evening (6:30). I really just wanted to get it done & out of the way, because working out later in the day is always that much harder than if you do it in the morning.

Well…you should know something about me. I HATE mornings. OK, I don’t hate mornings…I hate WAKING UP in the morning! So the idea of waking up & running at 5:30 this morning didn’t fly. Good effort on my part even considering it!  After work the wind was blowing so freakin’ hard it was more like a tornado. So…that left one option, I’LL TAKE IT.

My evening run was 10 miles on the tready at the gym (since the wind is still super lame-0 & almost blew me off the road driving to the gym). This run comes to you in 2 pictures…I had to take a potty break mid-way:

  0413111914a 0413112004a

And again, like last Wednesday…I ran to the dramatic wanna be models [America’s Next Top Model]. Don’t know why I do, but I just love watching that show.

Oh, and I found out that one of the three personal trainers at my gym is moving so that leaves a trainer spot open JUST FOR ME…now I really need to get my booty in gear & get that dang certification in my hands!

Off to study!! DSC08562  



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