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I’M ENGAGED!!! Part 2: The Proposal

Posted Nov 13 2012 6:21am

Thank you everyone for such nice comments on yesterday’s post! ! This is such an exciting and happy time!

Ok, ready for the proposal story?  Here we go!

A few weeks ago, Kyle told me to plan to come home to my parents this past weekend.  (Kyle lives in the same town as my parents).  We try to take turns visiting each other, but he tends to come to Indianapolis way more than I go home… sorry Kyle!

Anyways, I planned to come home to see him that weekend.  He told me the weather was supposed to be gorgeous and so we should spend the day hiking.  Later in the week, he told me that his parents were celebrating their birthday’s early and had plans to go out to dinner on Saturday night with the whole family.  So my weekend was pretty planned out- hiking all day, dinner at night.

I was pretty bummed when Kyle told me on Thursday that dinner reservations were at 4 and we wouldn’t have time to drive the 2 hours to go hiking like we had planned.  I was actually super bummed.  It was 70 and sunny all day Saturday and I wanted to enjoy it!

Saturday morning Kyle left my house (he had spent the night Friday night) to go back to his house because he needed to shower and get his nice clothes to get ready for dinner.  My mom and I went on a great exercise walk and then I went for my own little 3 mile run after that.  The day was seriously perfect!  I couldn’t get over the nice weather.

I started to get ready for dinner around 2:30 because the restaurant was pretty far away and we would need to leave early to get there by 4.  As I was getting ready, Kyle got a phone call and told me it was his mom.  She and Kyle’s dad had decided to go see a movie in our town after dinner and so we changed restaurant reservations to the fancy one in our town.

I didn’t think anything of this- I was just glad I had more time to get ready! At about 10 minutes until 4, Kyle and I decided to walk to the restaurant because it was so close and it was still fabulous weather.

We walked along until we came to my favorite garden, Carol’s Garden.  I’ve always loved this garden and used to stop in the middle of my runs here to chill out and enjoy nature.  Kyle suggested we go inside and walk around.  I was happy to oblige him since it was 70 degrees, the sun was getting close to setting, and we still had a few minutes before dinner.

We walked around to the edge of the garden and Kyle told me, “I got you a present.”  I was pretty confused because there was no reason for him to get me a present, but I said, “Ok… Thank you!”  He replied, “I got you a necklace” and pulled out a box from Tiffanys!

For a second I thought, omg he’s proposing, but he opened the box and it really was a necklace! It was beautiful and I was kind of overwhelmed.  I didn’t understand.  Then he said, “wait, there’s something else.”  He got down on one knee and pulled out a ring from under the box.

I was crying immediately!!! He told me I made him a better person, that he loved me, and a bunch of other things I don’t remember because it all went by so fast!! He said, “will you marry me?” and I said YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Little did I know, Kyle had hired a photographer to capture this entire moment.  She was hiding out in the garden the whole time!!!  After his proposal, the photographer took us around town and took engagement pictures for an hour!  I was so overwhelmed and in disbelief!

At 5pm Kyle told me he had reserved a room for us at the Inn in our home town (which is a super nice Inn and I’ve always wanted to stay there).  We went up to the Inn and he had champagne waiting for us in the room.  We toasted to us!

Fireplace in our hotel room!

Then Kyle told me we really did have dinner reservations.  We left the Inn and walked to the restaurant where his parents and my mom and step-dad were waiting to join us and celebrate!  Kyle and his mom had reserved a table, decorated it with flowers, ordered ahead huge plates of cheese and fruit, shrimp cocktails, crab cakes, and more champagne!

Kyle’s mom had this vase engraved with ‘Andrea and Kyle- For I Have Found The One Whom My Soul Loves’

She even had coffee mugs made for us!

Girl knows I love my coffee!

After an amazing dinner with family, Kyle and I came back to our room at the Inn and relaxed in front of the fire.  It was the best day and I felt incredibly lucky. I told Kyle I didn’t deserve all of it and I was unbelievably happy.

We drove off on golf carts!

I wish I could share more pictures but we don’t get them back from the photographer for 3 weeks!! As soon as they are available I will post them!

Do you have a good engagement story?  I want to hear it!!! 

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