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I’m Attending a Mostly Raw, Gluten Free & Vegan Food Class!

Posted Jun 01 2012 9:22pm

A few weeks ago, I was reading the food section of my local newspaper, The Desert Sun , and I found something that interested me. This is kind of rare, because as a vegan, newspaper food sections usually don’t have a lot to offer me. That day, though, I was reading one of the articles, and noted that the food columnist had interviewed Jennifer Johnson of Jennifer’s Kitchen .

You may remember that, back in January during the Humana Challenge , I posted a guest recipe, Indian Lentil Cakes with Cucumber Mint Raita (a vegetarian recipe easily made vegan), created by Jennifer, and offered for publiciation by my contact at Humana. Humana was trying to focus on health and well being during the event and Jennifer’s Kitchen was providing healthy food options at the concessions.

The topic of the article was the upcoming summer slow down and how it affected local chefs. In her interview, Jennifer was quoted as saying that she uses the slow time to experiment with different dishes and this summer she would be developing more vegan dishes. Oh, yes!

I figured positive encouragement was called for, so I went to the Jennifer’s Kitchen facebook page to do so. While I was on the page, I saw this:

I was so excited to see this that I immediately got in touch with the instructor for more information. (note: while the class will be held at Jennifer’s Kitchen, Jennifer is not the instructor). I decided to sign up (one of my vegan co-workers will be there too). The class is tomorrow, and I can’t wait. I’ve already contacted the instructor, told her that I was a blogger, and received permission to take photos and write about the class. That means, you will get to hear all about it (and see lots of food porn)! Best part: We get to eat the results for lunch!

Yoga Challenge Update

I’ve completed my day 14 workout, just a quick 20 minutes of sun salutations (using a audio). Yesterday was short too, a 15 minute core-type workout after my weight training at the gym. I wish I could get over the feeling of exhibitionism when I do my yoga in the corner of my small fitness center, but it is still there (I try to turn my gaze inward, but still…). I’ll have time for a longer workout tomorrow before my cooking class, which will be the halfway point of the challenge. Hurray for me!

Even better, I scored a new Groupon for Yoga Central , 10 classes for fraction of the regular price. That should make it easier to stick with the program, even after my 30 yoga challenge is complete!

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