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I’m Am Distraught

Posted Feb 02 2013 8:38pm
You know about my husband, the Dog , Cat , and Calf Rescuer . While we both are animal lovers, my husband Alan goes above and beyond the norm to rescue, care for, and love animals. That is why we are involved in a crazy situation that truly is devastating for both of us (Alan in particular).


Alan has been caring for the feral cats in the neighborhood for several years. Out of his own pocket, he feeds, provides medical care, spays and neuters, many cats. Over the time, many have become much more tame. He has raised many of them from the time they were kittens. Several of our neighbors also help to take care of the cats. As for the ones who are not interested, Alan has been a good neighbor, cleaning up after the cats so that the neighbors don’t have that to deal with. It has worked, our neighborhood is friendly and clean, though we do have quite a few cats wandering around.

Until now. A new renter moved across the street about a month ago. Apparently he doesn’t like cats, doesn’t like that they upset his dogs, doesn’t like that they defecate on his property. All of which Alan understands. As with our other neighbors, Alan offered to clean up after the cats. Fine, done. Until he realized that some of the cats, including his pets, the tame, sweet, cats that he considers his babies, had disappeared.

As it turns out, this neighbor has asked animal control to give him traps, which he hides in his garage and his back yard. He baits the cats by putting tuna fish in the traps. Once he lures them in, and they are caught in the trap, he calls animal control to have them picked up.

Alan has talked to him, tried to reason with him. Yes, he understands there are a lot of feral cats, but a baited trap catches all cats. Our pets, tame, neutered, well-fed, are being caught in the trap. Will this man let Alan know so that he can get the tame cats back? No, he has sent all of the cats to their potential death, it didn’t matter if they had collars, were tame, or anything.

Alan tried to make an analogy that it was like we lured the neighbor’s dogs in with hot dogs, then killed them when they came on our property. This man responded by calling the police, saying that Alan had threatened his dogs (something that Alan would never do..hurt an animal). At least we had an opportunity to tell our side of the story. We want to compromise.

We are pretty much at our wit’s end. Calm reason has had no effect on this person. Appealing to any sense of humanity has done nothing. We don’t know what else to do. We are distraught.

Do you have any suggestions? Help!

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