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Hypertrophy-Specific Training Review

Posted Nov 18 2011 2:37pm

I have four more weight lifting days before I complete my six week Hypertrophy-Specific Training rotation.  The reason why I chose to do another type of hypertrophy training is because I’ve gotten great results from doing them in the past like increasing my muscle mass and my muscle definition – you know, making the muscles in the body visible.  I’ve done Cathe’s STS Mesocycle 2 a few times which focuses on hypertrophy and now this one from .  Before I had any experience with hypertrophy I read up about it and came across a link that led me to Bryan Haycock – the creator of HST training.  My results and my thoughts about this particular program from…

1. I have definitely leaned out a lot more than I expected.

2. I have become 30% stronger (I did the calculations).

3. I have become more disciplined when it comes to sticking with a certain routine and finishing it.

4.  I did not dread doing these workouts because of the low number of sets and reps that has to be done during each session.

5.  I experienced DOMS (delayed onset muscle soreness) after each session that same night or during the next day.

6. The workouts took no more than 40-45 minutes per session.

7. I was able to do this workout at home and not at the gym which was nice because I have equipment to do all exercises.

8. I built some muscle and toned up which is cool too.

9. I would rest 1 minute in between sets and I went HEAVY (but not to failure) for these exercises because of the low set and rep ranges.

10. The workouts consisted of 90% compound exercises which rock because I was in and out of the home gym quickly.

Ain’t he fine?  I have to get that t-shirt.

Women cannot grow muscle like men unless they take testosterone hormones and/or use supplements in which I do not, but women can build muscle, naturally, in their own way.  I managed to build some muscle while leaning out and I got the advice to do that from Scooby’s Workshop…check him out .  I was able to do loads of cardio and circuits along with my HST Training w/ an almost clean diet and it did not affect my muscle mass gains at all.

In a nutshell, hypertrophy training is used to grow your muscles in a fast and effective way.  Traditionally, hypertrophy training will have you popping out compound exercises for each body part at 3-4 sets with at least 10-15 reps each in splits.  With this current routine I’m on it’s a different.  It’s Bryan Hancock’s creation.  There are many different types of hypertrophy programs and hypertrophy inspired workout out there, but you’ll have to figure out which will fit your needs the best or try them all – experiment.

Well, I wasn’t sure how I felt about going low with the rep ranges at first.  I know from experience that if I was pushing and pulling between 10-15 reps that I was training my muscles to grow.  I also know from experience that if I push and pull lower than 8-10 reps that I was building strength instead.  The first three weeks  the rep range is at 10 and then the last three weeks the rep range is at only 5.  The program says that it’s about the amount of sets and reps one accumulates per week that counts.  Other than that I didn’t like that it was a full body workout, but I can see why it’s setup in this way and it does work nicely.  I’m just used to doing 3-4 day splits is all.

I did get stronger and I can see it in the way I do my  pullups now.  I also see it in my push ups as well.  My bodyrocking skills have improved dramatically.  My body has changed and I can see it.  I am not good at keeping measurements so I go by what the mirror tells me and I take pictures to compare.  I’ve lost fat and I’ve created some nice muscle definition too.  I’m on my way to being ripped.  Will I do this type of program again?  Yes, but I’m going to experiment with Layne Norton’s Power Hypertrophy Adaptive Training next.

I promise to post pictures as soon as I get a new camera.  I posted pics back in January and I am proud to say that I no longer look like that anymore.  Woo Woo!  In January 2012 I will post update pics for you guys so you can all see what 1 year of being focused as done for me.

If you want to know what HST is, what it claims it does and learn how you can get with the program then click one of the links below to educate yourself.

HST – Bryan Hacock – disregard the supplement sales promos

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