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Hungry Duck Run - 4th of July Race Recap

Posted Jul 04 2013 12:42pm
Happy 4th of July!

I hope you have some great plans for today and this weekend!
Someone is out grilling, as I write this.
I just ate breakfast, but it smells SO good!

I'm not going to blab forever, but I wanted to give you a quick recap of my race today.
As you know, it is my 1 year race RUNniversary today.
The girl that ran her first 5k on the 4th of July, 2012 and finished in 34:37...
Today, she won 3rd in her age group.
It wasn't a PR for me, wasn't even that good of a time (28:03).
But I won. Me. The girl who never wins anything.
I am that girl. I don't win door prizes, I don't win awards.
I'm the "Always the bridesmaid, never the bride" girl.
Incidentally, I've only been a bridesmaid once. Ha!
Last year, I ran a small race and got second in my age group, but they only awarded first in each.
Man, I was kind of bummed.
I am not a fast runner. I want to be faster. I will be faster.
Check this out...
I could have gotten 2nd! Haha! I wish I had seen that lady ahead of me, I would have raced her.
I am terrible!
But I totally would have...
I even won a hat!
I wasn't even going to stick around. It had gotten pretty humid during the run and I was hot & sweaty.
I walked back just to see how the half marathon runners were doing and saw people looking at the results.
No way!  (my reaction when I saw the results) I even asked someone if they were the official times.
Even when I was listening to all of the results, I didn't expect to hear my name.
I am so lame.

But I won my 3rd place, fair & square. (And I got a cool hat!)
I wish I could even explain how much I needed this right now.
Not in my running world, but in my personal world.
Yes, I cried driving home.
I don't even care that it wasn't a fast time for me.
I needed this.

It was a pretty easy run. A good hill that we had to climb in both directions. Even saw someone puking. That's always a sign of a good run. haha!
It started late. 1/3 of it was on a dirt road along some kind of lake.
It just felt good.
I felt good.

Yeah, that's about it.
Oh, and what's a race without having to wait in line to pee in a portable potty?!
The potty line is mandatory.
Runner's Law #118

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